by Elizabeth Fiend

A SUPER QUICK and easy sandwich with a surprisingly sophisticated taste. Good quality bread and the right hot sauce make all the difference.

Preparation Time: 2 seconds

Category: Vegan / Vegetarian Recipe



Some guy made this sandwich for me while I was on tour with my band More Fiends in the Netherlands. I thought the idea was ridiculous until I tasted it — a peanut butter sandwich with hot sauce!?!? I say “some guy” because, frankly it’s all a blur. I think I was crashing in his apartment (hey don’t get funny, the whole band was there). But as for the “guy” himself, sorry dude, I can’t remember anything but the sandwich.

Later on I realized the idea for the sandwich is borrowed from the flavors of spicy peanut sauce and a Dutch guy would make this sandwich because of the Netherlands connection to Indonesia. [The later having been a colony of the former.]

For the bread, I like to use a hearty whole wheat with oats and seeds. My favorite brand of hot sauce, available from an Asian supermarket, is made by Huy Fong and called Sriracha. Its got a rooster on the bottle and a green lid. Sriracha is made from sun-ripened chilies which are ground into a smooth paste along with garlic. It is the absolutely best, most versatile hot sauce I’ve ever tasted.


Whole Grain BREAD
Natural PEANUT BUTTER with no salt


TOAST the bread
(cool slightly so the peanut butter doesn’t melt when you spread it)
SPREAD one slice of bread with peanut butter
SPREAD the other slice with hot sauce
Put slices together

When you just don’t have any time or you don’t have any food in the house and you need a sandwich, make this one. Add a carrot on the side and piece of fruit for dessert and you’ll have a fine instant lunch.

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  2. shyamala joshi Says:

    Yes! My favorite! Have been making this combo for years – especially good as open face sandwich on rice cakes, grainy bread, or on wheat wraps — I esp. like it topped with sliced cucumber for crunch! There is no substitute for Srirachi!

  3. Molli Says:

    Great stuff, been browsing around and found it all enjoyable. Selah

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