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SLAW me [formerly BiG TeA PaRtY] DVDs $15 + postage
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Three For Tea (30 min., DVD) $15 + postage


What’s the average person thinking? We don’t know because we didn’t ask him! Instead we asked Eagles football fans tailgating at the home opener and grassroots activists at the BioDemocracy Festival their opinions on smoking, vegetarians and breakfast. What does a woman dressed as a giant tomato think of smokers? What did Captain Morgan have for breakfast? Do the activists, who practiced their juggling at the Festival, and the Eagles face-painting fan, who practiced his screaming at the game, have anything in common? The answers are hilarious, heartfelt and ultimately helpful in the quest to make Philadelphians more healthy. Click for more information

It’s Elemental (30 min. – VHS)
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  It’s Elemental is a ‘how-to’ video that teaches how to have a positive impact on the planet. Problems are identified and solutions are offered in this fast paced and colorful video about leading a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Topics covered include, how your food choices effect the environment; composting and reducing household garbage; smart transportation choices; and water conversation.This video inspires people to take positive action by letting them know there is power in the individual.
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(1 hour – DVD or VHS)
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This program is a blueprint to the modern protest movement. The video actually tells you how & why the protests, which started in Seattle against the World Trade Organization, happen. Filmed on location at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, you’ll see the protests from ground zero. Unblinking looks at the action on the streets, healthcare, gun violence, jail, cops, & puppets, not to mention red white & blue outfits. Plus appearances by rockers Johnny Rotten and Jello Biafra, poets Lamont Steptoe and Allen Fiend, Physicians for Social Responsibility’s Dr. Joel Chinitz, MOVE spokesperson Ramona Africa, ACT UP’s Julie Davids, Philadelphia Mayor John Street, Police Commissioner Timoney and many more. Hear the truth about the action on the streets.

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CHA CHING (30 min. VHS) *Sale* ONLY $12, FREE Postage!

Celebrate the Do It YOURself Philosophy and Community Activism with these three SLAW me [formerly BiG TeA PaRtY] classics


Sk8 B-Lo I-95: Shot on location in Love Park and FDR Skate Park – featuring interviews with skaters and action footage.

ENDING AN EPIDEMIC: ACT UP, FIGHT BACK!: Meet some of the members of ACT UP Philadelphia and see them in action.

CHEW ON THIS!: Part game show, part food show and all parts fun, this episode is a feast of eye candy and an earful of information.

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OoLong (30 min. VHS) *Sale* Only $12, FREE Postage!
Communities, not Commodities!

Journey with healthful yet hedonistic host Elizabeth Fiend to the world of anarchist-home-economics with more PROJECTS, COLORFUL FOODS & POLITICS in ACTION. Turn plastic bottles into a ‘stained glass’ candelabra; rock out at More Fiends record release party; swap clothes; make vegan French toast & a checkerboard cake; conserve & preserve water; visit an anarchist bookstore & tour Elizabeth’s new house! Turn your values into actuality with these how-to tips.

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PICO (30 min. VHS) *Sale* Only $12, FREE postage!

The first ever SLAW me [formerly BiG TeA PaRtY] videos originally created for TV.

Ten wacky, crazy yet informative 3-minute shows featuring: projects, recipies, lifestyle concepts . FuN, FuN, FuN


Host Elizabeth Fiend is punk’s answer to Martha Stewart! The visual cornucopia of striking projects, colorful foods, dizzying wardrobe, wacky editing style and graphics jumping off the screen mask that this show IS also politics in action. 3 minute shorts deal with topics as diverse as urban composting, making a vegetarian Philly cheese steak, bicycle repair, cancer prevention, creating a stamp art coat and a necklace out of Colt 45 bottle caps! Click for more information

It’s cooking. It’s crafts. It’s anarchy!

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