Democracy and the 51ft Inflatable Joint Come to the Mummers Parade
The 51ft inflatable joint comes to the Mummers Parade to celebrate the decriminalization of pot in Philly, and the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania
• Anyone can be in the parade
Registration Deadline is Nov. 18th
• $20 fee = entrance to the parade and a contribution to the food pantry Philabundance
Register here
Facebook: J-Walk the Mummers 
Be involved in helping to normalizing the use of marijuana


The big joint made its Philadelphia debut at the Democratic National Convention this summer. Now, it’s helping to democratize America’s longest continuing folk parade, the Mummers Parade, thanks to Vegetable-Activist Elizabeth Fiend and Philadelphia Pranking Authority founder Miss Fidget.
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The Mummers Parade has long been reserved for existing Mummers Clubs, their relatives, neighbors and friends. That’s all changed this year when the Philadelphia Pranking Authority opens the door to allow ANYONE to join in the fun. And fun it will be as the 51 foot inflatable joint makes its way down Broad St. on New Year’s Day.

Celebrating the decriminalization of marijuana in Philadelphia and the legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania these pranksters intend a joyous strut which will mark the first time the giant-j will make an appearance, not in a protest, but in a mainstream event. The city signed-off on the big-j’s inclusion in the parade at an October Mummer’s Sensitivity Training. Says Miss Fidget, the Philadelphia Pranking Authority Captain, “Anyone can be a Mummer! We keep it cheap, easy and fun. For seven years our diverse group of weirdos has marched in the parade wearing homemade costumes. We barely practice. We’re not like other Mummers.” More about The Philadelphia Pranking Authority


Vegetable-Activist Elizabeth Fiend in the 2011 Mummers Parade

Why bring the big joint to the Mummers Parade? For the past seven years, says Elizabeth Fiend, I’ve been bringing my One Woman Vegetable Awareness Campaign to the Mummers Parade. Unhealthy diets take a terrible toll on the individual, but also society as a whole. Costs related to obesity alone now surpass $27 billion per year — add in the cost of diabetes and heart disease and we’re talking big bucks. But most people react to any mention of vegetables as completely annoying. So, I came up with this unique campaign to get people to think of vegetables in places where they normally never would — like the Mummers Parade. I do it in utterly ridiculous ways which works better than nagging. At first people looked quizzical or reacted in a hostile way. But in the last few years more and more people give me the thumbs up as I engage the crowds in the ever present down time of the parade asking people to call out their favorite vegetable. And now dear reporter help me with my campaign by mentioning vegetables in your article. More about the financial and personal cost of a poor diet: obesity, heart disease, diabetes

When Elizabeth Fiend contacted Philadelphia celebrity-stoners, Nikki Allen Poe who is in possession of the giant joint and Chris Goldstein, the two men most influential in helping Mayor Jim Kenney (then City Councilman) understand the benefits of decriminalizing marijuana, Chris said “OMG we can definitely make that happen! No kidding, I’ve been wanting to have a Marijuana Mummers troupe for years :)” Pot-photog, Mike Whiter, founder and activist at Pennsylvania Veterans for Medical Marijuana will be documenting the event. More about the financial and personal cost of the War on Drugs: mass incarceration, institutionalized racism

Is getting the word VEGETABLE in the media the only reason for bring the giant joint to the Mummers Parade? No, there’s another reason and that’s normalization of marijuana use. Since forever, recreational marijuana has been illegal in the United States. Although medical marijuana has been legal in California for 20 years the East Coast has a whole different vibe, maintaining the status quo that if pot is illegal the people who smoke it must be bad. Pot smokers have been forced underground.

You would never be embarrassed to share that you consume alcohol in moderation and the same should be said of pot. You would never be embarrassed to wear a Budweiser tee. OK actually you should be very embarrassed to sport Bud paraphernalia – but a tee from some microbrewery would be worn without hesitation, and pot should be treated in the same way.

This is the start. Whether you smoke pot for relaxation, to get uplifted, or for a myriad of medical reasons like relief from pain or anxiety NOW IS YOUR TIME. Everyone is invited to march in the parade with us and spread the word to the general public that marijuana use is decriminalized in Philly, and medical marijuana will begin in 2017 in Pennsylvania. Come out, literally and figuratively, celebrate this amazing plant and have a hell of a lot of fun! Non-pot smokers welcome too.

How to prepare and what to expect day of the parade: registration info, costumes, signs, transportation etc.

Registration is mandatory and ends November 18th
Click Here To Register
Registration costs $20
The $20 fee gets you into in the January 1, 2017 Mummer’s Parade and an official Mummer’s badge that you’ll pick up at the parade (and is yours to keep). The cost helps cover backdrops, props, crowd swag, and a donation to the food pantry PHILABUNDANCE.

Join us on FaceBook at: J-Walk the Mummers 

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