The Philadelphia Pranking Authority was founded in 2010, by Miss Fidget, and has marched in six Mummer’s Parades as a Comic Group. The Pranking Authority is comprised of friendly, independent, open minded, creative, do-ers, and fun-lovers who might be gay, straight, bi, trans, celibate and/or reproduce by budding. The PPA believes marching in the Mummer’s Parade should be low pressure, cheap, and easy FUN. Inclusive since it’s inception the PPA does requires members to wear a costume to march with them in the parade.

This year PPA members voted to elevate founding member Elizabeth Fiend to co-Captain along w/ Miss Fidget and to welcome the Giant J into their 2017 ‘CON-game” theme.

Like their ‘Mother Club’ Landi, (the Hufflepuff of Mummer Clubs) the Philadelphia Pranking Authority marches in the parade to have fun and connect positively with Philadelphians along Broad Street. New Year’s Day thousands of Delaware Valley people get off their butts and do silly, magnificent, and dumb things on Broad Street. The ability to support, steer, and shape the future of America’s longest running folk parade is a point of pride for the PPA, especially as the contemporary Mummer’s Parade overcomes challenges.

The loosely organized Philadelphia Pranking Authority have one mandatory meeting a year – New year’s Day. Although they don’t care about points the PPA has never been judged last in their group. Many costumed Philadelphians have marched in their first Mummer’s parade with the low pressure PPA whose membership is primarily from Steakland and points south.

“I used to think as a woman born outside of Philadelphia I’d never even be able to march in the parade, let alone be a Captain. Boy, was I wrong… I just needed to contact Landi! ” said Miss Fidget at a recent Mummer’s Sensitivity Training session held at a South Philly VFW and led by Helen Fitzpatrick.

In previous years PPA members voted a winter coat w/ a party hat and beads was not a costume. Previous Philadelphia Pranking Authority parade themes include: T-Party, Gods and Monsters, AS Seen on TV, Freak Show, Spaced Out, and more.

Register by November 18th to be in the 2017 parade

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