Check out some of our fan's favorite More Fiends songs! 
These are songs that fan's posted to YouTube.

First up:  John Peel, world renown and loved British DJ,  introduces the song and plays a track from an “American garage rock act” called More Fiends, broadcast on BBC Radio One from 5th January 1991. More Fiends play Fatty Humps, a track from the 1990 Toad LickinPeel Session & Southern Studios LP. (scroll down a few videos to hear a live version of this song)

Everyone’s favorite, Vinyl Grind, one of More Fiends most popular songs. 
This next song is a WILD ride! A cut from a LIVE performance in Delaware where the band was confronted by New-Nazis. You can feel the atmosphere in the speed and anger with which the band plays! The song Fatty Humps is performed with an add-on by Julie Davids bass player. She sings of her experience with the AID’s activist group, ACT UP. Fight Back! Compare this to the recorded version of the song up-top of this post.

The title track from More Fiends first LP Yo Asphalt Head.
OK, it’s not a song, but listen-in on this Q&A where Elizabeth Fiend talks about her hand-made guitars. And hear Allen Fiend chime-in. 
From: LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! : Joseph Gervasi introduces a clip of  More Fiends performing in Atlantic City in 1985 followed by a brief Q and A with Elizabeth and Allen Fiend. The Cinedelphia Film Festival and Joseph A. Gervasi presents LOUD! FAST! PHILLY! A video history of Philly hardcore punk. Recorded on April 23, 2013.
Click to listen to three More Fiends cd’s. Our WILDEST, WACKIEST music of all! Be warned.

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