Photographs taken through glass, by Elizabeth Fiend.  
A series of photographs featuring reflections 
and interesting things behind glass. 
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ABOUT the SERIES: Light on Glass: Photographs through glass, by Elizabeth Fiend was sparked by the photo  below taken through triple sheets of glass — a restaurant window, and the two walls of a fish tank. A seconded photo in Tokyo of a woman striding by a mirrored-store-wall cemented Elizabeth’s passion for this concept.

Subsequently, Elizabeth began searching for interesting ways to capture reflections and unique things behind glass, in mirrors, and inside display cases. The photos were taken in France, Italy, Japan and the United States where Elizabeth combined her love of travel and photography with an under $300 point and shoot camera.


This photo of the photographer, Elizabeth Fiend, with the Blue Bear in Denver, Colorado was taken by Allen Fiend, who can also be spotted in several photos. His patience while I lagged behind on our travels was most appreciated. Remember you can click on a slideshow photo to be brought to a page where you can comment and share the photos. — Enjoy!  Love, Elizabeth Fiend

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