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Welcome to the re-branding 
of Big Tea Party as

ABOUT: SLAW me is a how-to for real people trying to survive in a really stupid world. We produce edge-u-cational videos for television, the internet, public screenings, the classroom and home use. We also write informational articles, develop delicious and healthy recipes, play in our gardens, take lots of still photos and create music! (more)

How The Tea Party ruined Big Tea Party, 
or how Big Tea Party became 
Unfortunately, there was another Tea Party 
lurking in the background (more)

About Elizabeth Fiend: Elizabeth Fiend is an educator, filmmaker, author, musician and artist (more)

About Valerie Keller:  Valerie Keller has been editing films and videos since 1989, and creating her own delightfully oddball work for the past several years (more) 

3 Responses to “Launch”

  1. Elizabeth Fiend Says:

    this is exciting news! lov,e

  2. Laris Kreslins Says:

    Love you and your site! 🙂

  3. Michael McGettigan Says:

    My comment is that I am a bonehead and cannot follow directions. I first immediately went to your FB, not your website and left a comment, duh. Then I re-read for content and am now here. Please do not mock my efforts, as “he’s doing the best he can with what he has left” ha!

    Cheers and congrats on the new website.
    I think you should also send cease and desists to that other Tea Party!

    — mcget

    yes it went smoothly, leaving this comment … might add one more thing… a box to answer the question — “Tell me something that SLAW should write about….”? To see what people are thinking, mentally, that is.

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