Enjoy Some Photos From the Miss Rockaway Armada Bike Parade!

Posted by: Elizabeth Fiend

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Hey Philly People:

!!!Second parade Sat., Sept. 10 thru Fishtown!!!

I’m getting together a group to join in the Ms Rockaway Armada Parade.
A rare NIGHTTIME parade in Philly!

Saturday, September 3 · 5:00pm – 11:00pm

Parade Starts: 313 Broad St (near Spruce) an empty lot next to U of Arts.

Finishes at: Clark Park, 43rd and Baltimore Avenue, West Philly.

Posted by: Elizabeth Fiend

If you don’t want to be IN the parade, come watch! Map of route at end of post.

The Deal: Decorate your bike and your-self in any ole way, free-form, up to you.
Our theme (required – two things: lights and a lighted paper lantern): your bike and your-self must be lighted – battery LED’s, fairy-lights, el-wire, glow sticks, fiber optics AND must include a lighted paper lantern. Need help decorating? Comment below and we’ll answer.

From the parade organizers: The basic premise is that the entire parade is bike mounted, participants and all, as it rolls from Broad and Spruce at 5 pm; after a puppet making fair hosted by Spiral Q. Along the way, the parade participants will encounter various surprises like large puppet monsters, marching bands, dancers and short performance from the sidewalks. Think of it as a parade in reverse, or a tour of a magical Philadelphia from an alternate dimension. We also want to make the mounted parade group festive as well, so your group could really help make that happen. The parade ends with performances in Clark Park about 1 to 1.5 hours later.

!!!Optional second parade Sat., Sept. 10 thru Fishtown!!!

Imagine a bike tour where pedestrians burst into song and enormous creatures lurk in alleyways. Where you never know when you’ll be surprised by a marching band, or a glitter attack. Tour guides who spin magical history stories. A Philadelphia from another dimension.

This is that tour.

Bring yourself and your bike dressing up yourself and your ride, to the Miss Rockaway Armada build site at 313 South Broad Street near Spruce. We’ll leave shortly after 5 and ride at a very relaxed pace down Spruce, across the South Street bridge and end in Clark Park, where the Miss Rockaway art collective will put on a variety show complete with music, a bike-powered Ferris Wheel, aerial performance and more! The performances will start when we get there, roughly 7pm.

This is how I’m decorating my bike: I have a few strands of battery opp lights that I’m twisting around a sheer curtain I got from a thrift store. I’ll then zip-tie the bundle of fabric wrapped lights on to the frame of my bike.
I’ve paper lanterns from china town that I’m going to hang on the ends of a pole that’s wider than my handle bars (safety reasons); zip-tie the pole onto the handle bars. I’ll drop some of the lights into the center of the lantern so it’ll glow. Plus a 2nd pole with lanterns on the back rack.

Map of the route .


More on the Ms Rockaway Armade project.

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