BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living’s “It’s Elemental”

First Friday at PhillyCam — Oct. 1; 5:30-7:30

Watch In Person: PhillyCAM studio 232 Vine Street, Painted Bride Arts Center

or On TV: Philadelphia Community Access Media cablecasts on Comcast 66/966 and Verizon FIOS 29/30.

PhillyCAM First Friday October Viewing Party : An evening showcasing Sustainability  hosted by social commentator Desire Grover, producer of GhettoPrint and Community Organizer for the Energy Justice Network.




BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living’s “It’s Elemental”

This video introduces you to concepts that lead to living a more environmentally friendly or ‘green’ life. This video is full of information about specific environmental problems as well as easy ways you can combat issues like air pollution, impurity of our water supply and mass production of food grown with pesticides and lacking in taste and nutrition. This video promotes the idea that there are a lot of simple things each individual can do every day to reduce his or her impact on the planet. The video uses humor, quick editing, music and stimulating visuals all designed to engage teenagers as well as their families.

Problem: Water is a limited natural resource and we may run out of it.
Solution: When going about your daily activities cut down on the amount of water you
use at home. Don’t put trash or other items into the water system by littering
on the street or throwing garbage down the toilet. Keep our water clean!

Problem: Automobiles create a myriad of environmental problems.
Solution: Taking public transportation when ever possible and car pooling are great
ways to cut down on automobile use. Riding a bike is another alternative to
driving a car.

Problem: Unhealthy food choices are not only detrimental to the individual eater, but
also have a negative impact on the environment.
Solution: Seek out locally grown food and local food products whenever possible. This
is better not only for the environment and your body but it helps support the
local economy too.

Problem: Most household waste is dumped into landfills or burned creating problems
for the environment.
Solution: Cut down on waste by composting kitchen scraps, recycling and reusing or
donating unwanted household goods.

Also at the PhillyCam screening:
Highlights include short videos  by local independent filmmakers Rob Stuart of Evolve Strategies and Ed Golden, selections from PhillyCAM’s recurring series –Ghetto Print, Big Tea Party, Scribe Video Center and Newly GreensPlus: You can meet members of local organizations working toward environmental justice. Here is a list of programs that will be featured. Come and meet producers!

Newly Greens (10 min segment)
By Kaizen Productions
Series focused on healthy, sensible living

Re-Cycle (9 min)
By Ed Golden
The Pedal Co-op uses bikes to collect recyclables and compost throughout Philadelphia.

Bike Pledge  (3 min)
Free the River Park (15 min)
by Rob Stuart
The Story of Citizen’s fight to save the Schuylkill River Park

Green Tea Party “It’s Elemental” (30 min)
By Big Tea Party
This video introduces concepts that lead to living a more environmentally friendly or ‘green’ life <>

GhettoPrint (3 segments, 14 min)
By Desire Grover
A GRASSROOTS journal & network. A Chester stationed video blog for ALL to enjoy.
Ghetto Print #1  Healthcare Circus

Stepping Into It! Chester’s Co-op Addresses Community Food Access Dilemma
By Chester’s Community Grocery Co-op (15 min)
Members of the Co-op address food access issues in Chester, a city with no supermarket
Scribe Video Center Community Visions

Ghetto Print #2  Chester Green

The Story of Stuff Project
By Annie Leonard
Animated humorous discourse on environmental concerns toward a more sustainable, just world.

Ghetto Print #3  Why African American

After Party: LAID TO WASTE, A Chester Neighborhood Fights for its Future by George McCollough & Rob Behar

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