EXCITING NEWS: My recipe for the The Philly Cheese Fake, a vegetarian cheese steak, is to be included in a new book about cheese steaks by author Carolyn Wyman (Running Press, Spring 2009). I just did a photo shoot for the image that will go along with my recipe.

Help me decide. Which photo do you like best? Tell me why.

Vote by typing a comment in the box below!!!

[Photos are numbered one to seven; left to right; starting at the top. ]

web_cheese_fake114.jpg web_cheese_fake_116.jpg
web_cheese_fake_117.jpg web_cheese_fake_120.jpg
web_cheese_fake_122.jpg web_cheese_fake_125.jpg
web_cheese_steak118.jpg web_cheese_fake_sandwich_086.jpg

12 Responses to “Cheese Fake Photo Shoot”

  1. Chris Landy Says:

    Hi Elizabeth – Thanks for including me. I like 3 or 4 best. Okay 3 best. Hope this was some help.


  2. DaVE FiENd Says:

    I like 3 best, 5 & 7 are good too, but 3 makes me feel like you are saying “here it is, eat it” not just “here it is”

  3. hope asrelsky Says:

    I choose NO. 3, because the smile is more definite, less tentative. much love, Hope

  4. Vienna Says:

    I really love number 7. Number 3 would be my second choice.

  5. ellen r Says:

    I like 2 or 4. Why?? 2: It’s very direct 4: It’s a bit inquisitive, as if you’re saying “see?” which I believe would have the effect of engaging the viewer.

    I saw a video documentary that I wanted to mention to you called “This is My Cheesesteak”.
    It is pretty stupid but it has had great success!! And – you should totally be in it.

  6. Jennie Says:

    I like 5 and 6 – I like the face angle and hint of smile!

    CU at Playa!!! Woo Hoo!!!

  7. Jeanne Says:

    I like number 7 the most, followed by number 3.

  8. Mary Stoudt Says:

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  9. Zoe Strauss Says:

    Number 7! I love it! 3 comes in at a distant second. I love 7!

  10. VaLerie K Says:

    3 or 7. 3 is more friendly, inviting. 7 is sassier. (Is it cheating for me to write this? I could just tell you!) love, vaLerie k

  11. carlos Says:

    I prefer one with you BUT only if you have a happier, more engaged expression. otherwise, it’s like “umm, yeah, i just cooked this” rather than “THIS CHEESESTEAK ROCKS!” So with the choice, i’d prefer just the sandwich; BUT would be better if you were happier in the picture, like you’re psyched to serve it or can’t wait to eat it. Invite the observer in, grab em, you betcha!

  12. Faith Anderson Says:

    I like number 3 because it radiates a genuine feeling.

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