Philly Cheese Fakes

Learn the secrets of making a really good vegetarian or vegan Philly Cheese Steak.

Then see actual proof that carnivorous males will scarf em up.

Click here for the recipe.

See Elizabeth Fiend make her Philly Cheese Fake on NBC’s The Today Show!

Read what Cooking Light said about Elizabeth Fiend’s Philly Cheese Fake.

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Do Your Own 7 inch with MORE FIENDS!

Elizabeth Fiend invites the band over! The members of More Fiends talk you through the steps of putting out your own record or cd.

Filmed in 1999, quaint and hilarious!!!

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During the Republican National Convention, 2000, held in Philadelphia we were on the streets each day interviewing and documenting the action, protests, arrests, happenings and all around general chaos.

We rushed tapes to our editor, Valerie Keller, each afternoon. And each evening we aired a short video on the events, messages and moods on the street via broadcast TV on DUTV, and nationally on satellite TV via FreeSpeech TV.

Later on we produced an award winning commentary on the week called Unconventional coverage: The Message and the Means. This video went on to win the “BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD” at the Festival Of Independent Films, Philadelphia Film Festival. (more)

Following are the videos as they appeared each night on national television.

MONDAY: First in the series that provided unprecedented on-the-ground coverage of the protests at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in 2000.
Today’s Topic: gun violence in America

TUESDAY: 2nd in the series that provided unprecedented on-the-ground coverage of the protests at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia in 2000

Today’s Topic: healthcare crisis in America


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“Unconventional Coverage:

The Message and the Means”


DVD, or STREAM, two 27-minute segments

Click to purchase DVD
Click to stream video

This hour long commentary, was filmed during the protests that erupted when the Republicans first nominated George Bush for president at their national convention in Philadelphia in 2000.

The  award winning video is a blueprint for the modern protest movement. It outlines how and why protests happen. Plus it offers detailed information on the sorry state of health care in America, our problems with gun violence, our eroding rights to dissent and the many varied reasons people feel compelled to protest. Tips on how to organize a protest, jail solidarity and the importance of independent media are included alongside insightful and witty commentary. Says “The Chicago Tribune:” [Speaking of video host Elizabeth Fiend] “Her documentary on the demonstrations protesting the Republican Convention in Philadelphia was pretty much the only coverage I can remember that actually told you what the protestors were protesting.”
Winner Best Documentary, Festival of Independents, Philadelphia Film Festival


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What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture:

Survival for small farmers is a daily struggle as they compete with industrial, factory-farm style agriculture. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an innovative strategy that brings together local farmers with local customers.

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Save Money: DIY Merchandise / Record’s Out, Party’s About 

MORE FIENDS Record Release Party!

1. Explore the DIY (do it yourself) method of making sales merchandise with the hardcore-psychedelic Philly band More Fiends. Including tee shirts, cassette tapes, refrigerator magnets and a demo on making a candy dish out of a record.

2. You’re invited to our record release party! See More Fiends play live.

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No Butts About It [12-min.]

Use this inspiring video to help stop the tide of obesity and the diabetes epidemic

and to encourage kids not to smoke cigarettes!

What’s the average person thinking? We don’t know because we didn’t ask him! Instead we asked Eagles football fans tailgating at the home opener and grassroots activists at the BioDemocracy Festival their opinions on smoking, vegetarians and breakfast.

What does a woman dressed as a giant tomato think of smokers?

What did Captain Morgan have for breakfast?

Do the activists, who practiced their juggling at the Festival, and the Eagles face-painting fan, who practiced his screaming at the game, have anything in common? The answers are hilarious, heartfelt and ultimately helpful in the quest to make us all healthier.

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Hurricane the CaT

He was the star of TV and the Fiends house. A homage to HURRICANE the CaT!

Music “Hand in the Dumpster” by MoRE  FiENdS

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Compost your Kitchen Scraps

Save your uncooked food scraps and turn them into super-effective plant food. Reduce your garbage load… why toss all that good stuff that is nutritious for the earth into a plastic bag that ends up in a landfill?  Biodegradable garbage is still just trash if it’s busy biodegrading inside a plastic bag, stuffed between a styrofoam cup and a ball of aluminum foil.

If you don’t have a garden in your yard, find a local community garden and donate your compost.  They’ll love you for it (and maybe even slide you some tomatoes when they’re ripe.)

Here’s our video that outlines the composting process, followed by written step-by-step instructions. Host Elizabeth Fiend tells you what you can and can’t recycle in your compost pile and how to start one.

Composting —Nature’s Way of Recycling
A How-To written by ELIZABETH FIEND

We need to reduce the amount of garbage we create. Most household garbage is burned, which creates air pollution, or dumped into landfills which produce toxic gases. Obviously neither way is good for the environment. By composting leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps you can greatly reduce the amount of trash your household makes.

Composting is a natural form of recycling where plant matter is turned into a soil-like material that’s full of nutrients and very beneficial to your backyard soil and garden plants. Insects, earthworms, bacteria and fungi help out in the process. But it’s up to you to get it started!

Starting a Compost Pile:

1.) Begin in the kitchen by saving uncooked food scraps like carrot tops, lettuce cores and banana peels. Coffee grinds, tea bags and egg shells can also be saved. NO cooked food, meat or dairy products should be added to the compost pile.
2.) Store the scraps in a lidded container or small bucket you keep in easy reach of the cutting board.



The All-Girls Clothes-Swap

Organize an afternoon with your girlfriends for some gossip, wine & trade away your old clothes. Not only do you pare down your wardrobe, but you get NEW clothes for FREE! It’s a good way to recycle manufactured goods.

Donate the clothes no one wants to a local women’s shelter.

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