CHEW ON THIS! [15 minutes]
Chew On This! is full of Philly food facts and fun fur hats, plus a visit from one of America’s greatest thinkers (and eaters) Benjamin Franklin. Part game show, part food show and all parts fun, this episode is a feast of eye candy and an earful of information.

We create our own quiz show by playing the games Dicey Dinner and Tic Tac Tofu in which host Elizabeth Fiend tests contestants’ knowledge of nutrition and food. Yes, there’s jumping up & down, there are hugs and an audience screaming out encouragement. But there are also velvet-lined pizza boxes, fuzzy dice thrown from a KFC bucket and a game board of cartoon food held by men with green hair. This show is bound to amuse as well as inform you about the value of a vegetarian diet, what color foods have the most antioxidants and much, much more.

Even special guest Ben Franklin learns a thing or two from Elizabeth while he charms her into making him a sandwich – a sandwich on a soft pretzel!

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Check out some of our fan's favorite More Fiends songs! 
These are songs that fan's posted to YouTube.

First up:  John Peel, world renown and loved British DJ,  introduces the song and plays a track from an “American garage rock act” called More Fiends, broadcast on BBC Radio One from 5th January 1991. More Fiends play Fatty Humps, a track from the 1990 Toad LickinPeel Session & Southern Studios LP. (scroll down a few videos to hear a live version of this song)

Everyone’s favorite, Vinyl Grind, one of More Fiends most popular songs. 
This next song is a WILD ride! A cut from a LIVE performance in Delaware where the band was confronted by New-Nazis. You can feel the atmosphere in the speed and anger with which the band plays! The song Fatty Humps is performed with an add-on by Julie Davids bass player. She sings of her experience with the AID’s activist group, ACT UP. Fight Back! Compare this to the recorded version of the song up-top of this post.


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Elizabeth and Allen Fiend, with their Philly rock-isolationist band More Fiends, kick-out enviro-nut song “Attack of the Giant Squitos”  – – DUTV TV Studio, 1999

Allen Fiend = bass

Elizabeth Fiend = side guitar

Bob Fiend = guitar

Dave Fiend = drums



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Checkerboard Cake    [3 minute video]

Due to popular demand, the ‘secrets’ of how to make the checkerboard cake featured in the opening credits are revealed.


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Books without Borders

Are the giant chain booksellers killing the independent bookstore? An intimate look at a collectively run Anarchist bookstore shows us that we must preserve these specialty stores or we run the risk of losing valuable alternative points of view.

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The FOOD NETWORK films an episode of weatherman Al Roker’s traveling-foodie show “Roker on the Road” in Elizabeth Fiend’s South Philly house.

Elizabeth presents her usual vision of craftiness and anarchy toward the right-minded ideal of healthy living and Al Roker makes strange comments.

“Philadelphia loves La Fiend”

Among other recipes, Elizabeth makes VEGAN COLESLAW, get the recipe here.

The making of “Roker on the Road” filmed in Elizabeth Fiend’s house.

Roker crew websize 106

roker road crew 106-0615_IMG

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Sk8 B-Lo I-95 [6 minutes]
Is skateboarding a crime? It shouldn’t be, but many local governments want to make it one. Was it a blessing or a curse for Philadelphians that the marble ledges, steps and layout of LOVE PARK was the perfect environment for skating ? Was the remotely located FDR Park skate park the solution?

We trace the history of the skateboard ban in internationally renown Love Park and the rise of FDR Skate Park, a park built by & for the skaters.

Shot on location in Love Park and FDR Skate Park – featuring interviews with skaters and action footage.

This video premiered at the X-GAMES Tube Fest.

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How to Talk Like Satan

Learn about the digital pitch shifter. An electronics device used by musicians to create a multitude of sounds, even Satanic voices.

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Candelabra in a Bottle

Recycle plastic water bottles into a beautiful stained glass’ candelabra by inverting the bottles & covering them with jewel-tone plastic gels. Hot glue the bottles into a circular shape & place a tea candle into the lid of each bottle.

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Make Your Meat: Wheat

It’s easy to make your own seitan / wheat meat, a delicious, low fat, meat substitute made out of wheat gluten. Step by step instructions & menu suggestions. It’s vegan ‘meat’.

Click here to learn how to turn wheat meat into a Philly Cheese Steak! (video),

Philly Cheese Fake recipe by Elizabeth Fiend

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