Photographs taken through glass, by Elizabeth Fiend.  
A series of photographs featuring reflections 
and interesting things behind glass. 
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ABOUT the SERIES: Light on Glass: Photos through glass, by Elizabeth Fiend was sparked by the photo  below taken through a triple sheets of glass — a restaurant window, and the two walls of a fish tank. A seconded photo in Tokyo of a woman striding by a mirrored store wall cemented Elizabeth’s passion for this concept. 









Subsequently, Elizabeth began searching out interesting ways to capture reflections and unique things behind glass, in mirrors, and inside display cases. The photos were taken in France, Italy, Japan and the United States where Elizabeth combined her love of travel and photography with a $300 point and shoot camera.


This photo of the photographer, Elizabeth Fiend, with the Blue Bear in Denver, Colorado. was taken by Allen Fiend, who can also be spotted in several photos. His patience while I lagged behind was most appreciated. — Enjoy! Click on the thought balloon icon to comment and share the photographs. — Love, Elizabeth Fiend


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Some ladies, oh you know, just hanging out in the garden.

Valerie Keller

Valerie Keller

ef val hammock web 239

Elizabeth Fiend

Elizabeth Fiend

ef val hammock web 246

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Actually Elizabeth Fiend isn't all that mad, she's just pretending.

Elizabeth Fiend is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore!

Photos from  

Unconventional Coverage: the Message and the Means

a video commentary on the Republican National Convention held in Philadelphia, 2000 

Elizabeth Fiend whispers to Johnny Rotten

Elizabeth Fiend whispers to Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols ; PiL

sit down websize 022

Allen Fiend, the music behind SLAW me

Allen Fiend, the man behind More Fiends, the music of SLAW me

New download 014 websize

peanuts websize 018

Elizabeth Fiend and Jello Biafra

Elizabeth Fiend and Jello Biafra, The Dead Kennedy’s

r2k horse cops websize

r2k big head 021 websize

Actually Elizabeth Fiend isn't really that mad. She's just pretending.

Actually Elizabeth Fiend isn’t really that mad. She’s just pretending.

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CHEW ON THIS! a 15 minute video – Full of Philly food facts and fun fur hats, plus a visit from one of America’s greatest thinkers (and eaters!) Benjamin Franklin. Host Elizabeth Fiend takes the outrageously informative quiz games Dicey Dinner and Tic Tac Tofu to an outdoor produce market and a cheese steak take-out to test contestants’ knowledge of nutrition and food. Between rounds she travels the city to find historical tidbits and local food innovations, ending up in her own kitchen where famous inventor Ben Franklin is impressed with Elizabeth’s ow unique culinary invention!

Yeah, Elizabeth's got some hats...

Yeah, Elizabeth’s got some hats…

Allen Fiend fixes his citrus-slice tie

Allen Fiend fixes his citrus-slice tie

Editor Valerie Keller ; Elizabeth Fiend ; on camera Gretjen Clausing

Editor Valerie Keller ; Elizabeth Fiend ; on camera Gretjen Clausing

Ben Franklin charms Elizabeth Fiend in her own kitchen!

Ben Franklin charms Elizabeth Fiend in her own kitchen!

crew with cheese web

Shooting at Philly’s famous 9th Street Italian Market

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Some ladies, oh you know, eating watermelon and hanging out in the kitchen.

Valerie Keller

Valerie Keller

Yes, we wear fun fur in the kitchen. Why, don't you?

Yes, we wear fun fur in the kitchen.

Elizabeth Fiend

Elizabeth Fiend

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KIDS cooking demo featuring Elizabeth Fiend's BUNNY SALAD

KIDS cooking demo featuring Elizabeth Fiend’s BUNNY SALAD

Enjoy some photos of our past events, and catch a future event!

A little sugar, especially on the nose, goes a long way!

A little sugar, especially on the nose, goes a long way!

Toyota baby web

resize Toyota E explaining

Elizabeth teaches how-to make a vegan yogurt parfait.

whole foods web




School Superintendent Paul Vallas watched Elizabeth's educational video.

School Superintendent Paul Vallas watches Elizabeth’s educational video.

Parfait event web

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We love to have fun and eat

(and take pictures of ourselves having fun and eating)!

resize_c_Edible_art_1026_allen_rain.jpg resize_c_super_bowl_1992.jpg

[Elizabeth Fiend’s “Food as Art” exhibit at gallery Space 1026; Party food]



[Dinner at The Fiends– Big dinner guests; Little dinner guests]



[Gretjen’s beautiful flower salad; Yes, you can occasionally have your cake and eat it too!]
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EXCITING NEWS: My recipe for the The Philly Cheese Fake, a vegetarian cheese steak, is to be included in a new book about cheese steaks by author Carolyn Wyman (Running Press, Spring 2009). I just did a photo shoot for the image that will go along with my recipe.

Help me decide. Which photo do you like best? Tell me why.

Vote by typing a comment in the box below!!!

[Photos are numbered one to seven; left to right; starting at the top. ]

web_cheese_fake114.jpg web_cheese_fake_116.jpg
web_cheese_fake_117.jpg web_cheese_fake_120.jpg
web_cheese_fake_122.jpg web_cheese_fake_125.jpg
web_cheese_steak118.jpg web_cheese_fake_sandwich_086.jpg