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Check out some of our fan's favorite More Fiends songs! 
These are songs that fan's posted to YouTube.

First up:  John Peel, world renown and loved British DJ,  introduces the song and plays a track from an “American garage rock act” called More Fiends, broadcast on BBC Radio One from 5th January 1991. More Fiends play Fatty Humps, a track from the 1990 Toad LickinPeel Session & Southern Studios LP. (scroll down a few videos to hear a live version of this song)

Everyone’s favorite, Vinyl Grind, one of More Fiends most popular songs. 
This next song is a WILD ride! A cut from a LIVE performance in Delaware where the band was confronted by New-Nazis. You can feel the atmosphere in the speed and anger with which the band plays! The song Fatty Humps is performed with an add-on by Julie Davids bass player. She sings of her experience with the AID’s activist group, ACT UP. Fight Back! Compare this to the recorded version of the song up-top of this post.


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Elizabeth and Allen Fiend, with their Philly rock-isolationist band More Fiends, kick-out enviro-nut song “Attack of the Giant Squitos”  – – DUTV TV Studio, 1999

Allen Fiend = bass

Elizabeth Fiend = side guitar

Bob Fiend = guitar

Dave Fiend = drums



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An explosion of vivid colours both in looks and personalities, More Fiends prove to be illuminating musically too. With superfuzz thrash, disoriented voodoo rhythm and gloriously camp vocal extremities, they have come up with one far out wild party. The powerful effect of the Fiends’ multi-ingredient homebrew is a drug free buzz for quality kitsch lovers everywhere.
—- SOUNDS magazine, London


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Do Your Own 7 inch with MORE FIENDS!

Elizabeth Fiend invites the band over! The members of More Fiends talk you through the steps of putting out your own record or cd.

Filmed in 1999, quaint and hilarious!!!

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Save Money: DIY Merchandise / Record’s Out, Party’s About 

MORE FIENDS Record Release Party!

1. Explore the DIY (do it yourself) method of making sales merchandise with the hardcore-psychedelic Philly band More Fiends. Including tee shirts, cassette tapes, refrigerator magnets and a demo on making a candy dish out of a record.

2. You’re invited to our record release party! See More Fiends play live.

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Hurricane the CaT

He was the star of TV and the Fiends house. A homage to HURRICANE the CaT!

Music “Hand in the Dumpster” by MoRE  FiENdS

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Remembrances  of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Anniversary Special

by Elizabeth Fiend

No, these aren’t mug shots. They’re our visa photos. It’s amazing they let us in! Allen Fiend and Elizabeth Fiend, 1989.

Editors note: The Philly punk band More Fiends, founded by Allen and Elizabeth Fiend (host of BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living) is the band that creates the soundtrack for BiG TeA PaRtY videos. Please enjoy this departure from the regular BiG TeA PaRtY sustainable living content and share my recollections of  the fall of the Berlin Wall on this anniversary. Peace out. Love, Elizabeth

I was lying on a twin mattress on the floor of a narrow bedroom watching Happy Days which had turned incredibly funny because in the German dubbed version The Fonz had a whiney, high pitched voice. Plus, come on, Fonzie was speaking German. The program was interrupted by what seemed like some sort of special news report. Instantly — voices, screaming, intensity, astonishment, from the kitchen down the slender hallway of my band’s home base in Hamburg. And more cries from outside, down the block, next door.

It was November 9th 1989 and More Fiends had been on tour already for a grueling seven weeks.

More Fiends on a fortified roof top, Malmo Sweden. Molotov cocktails at our feet (look to the left of Elizabeth). Left to right: Elizabeth Fiend, Allen Fiend, Ron Fiend, Rich Poor.



BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living

Photos from “The Swimsuit Issue”

3web 05-01-2010 01;31;35PM_1.jpg 1web_05_01_2010_01_40_05PM.jpg 11web_05_01_2010_01_37_12PM.jpg
10web_05_01_2010_01_34_04PM.jpg 6web_05_01_2010_01_27_12PM.jpg 9web_05_01_2010_01_35_19PM.jpg

Allen Fiend = Bass
Dave Fiend = Drums
Elizabeth Fiend = Slide Guitar
Bob Fiend = Guitar

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EVENT: Allen and Elizabeth Fiend on the RADIO. Sunday, Jan.25th 12-1pm., : Tune to: 1650 AM

Please join actress and director Maria Moller of Shakespeare In the Park in this reinvention of NPR’s “This American Life.”
On Januray 25th Maria’s NEXUSradio’s guests will be Allen and Elizabeth Fiend of the legendary Philly punk band More Fiends.


 Allen Fiend –bass, guitar, vocals — is the founder of More Fiends, the only Philly band to have ever recorded a Peel Session for the BBC Radio. Elizabeth Fiend — slide guitar, vocals.

More Fiends provide the soundtrack for all of the BiG TeA PaRtY videos with Allen Fiend being the TV show’s sound engineer.

Hear More Fiends Songs, listen to the Fiends tell their stories:
~+~ The very beginning of punk in Philly, what the scene was like. How we came to be squatters.
~+~ More Fiends tour stories: what the squat / political / music scene (which we were part of) was like in Europe. ~+~ Stories about being on tour in Germany when the wall came down. What Poland was like while Lech Walesa was running for president. Plus: riots, fights, cops busting shows in Scandinavia.
~+~ The Scum-Rock scene in New York (which we were part of).
~+~ Elizabeth Fiend will describe what it was like to be a girl in a punk band. “No, I’m not the singer, I actually play an instrument…”
~+~ Readings of lyrics and stories about how they came to be written Plus, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC.
~+~ BiG TeA PaRtY, the song! Yes, it was a song before the TV show.