Joy and Peace to the World
Have a wonderful New Year!  
with love, Allen and Elizabeth Fiend

Enjoy the Holiday Edition of my photography project 
LIGHT ON GLASS: Photographs taken through glass,
a series of photographs featuring reflections 
and interesting things behind glass. 

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The following essay will be included in THE BOOK OF WEIRDO (a ridiculously number of years in the making) to be published in 2017 by Last Gasp. It includes the testimonials and recollections of a majority of the contributors to Robert Crumb‘s 1980’s/early ’90’s comics anthology, WEIRDO, as well as reprinting a number of stories. The three editors — R. Crumb, Peter Bagge, and Aline Kominsky-Crumb — are interviewed, also included are features on many different aspects of that important magazine, as well as a thorough and comprehensive history. – Jon B Cooke, author

What Makes Luna Tick? or How I got to Weirdo. 
By Elizabeth Fiend (the artist formerly known as Luna Ticks)

My first comic was three frames. A cop says “nice ass” to a punk. She kicks him in the groin; he says “I won’t be able to get it up for a week.” She reaches into her leather; pulls a gun; shoots him, remarking “You’ll never get it up again.” A few months later Mumia Abu-Jamal was arrested and charged with killing police officer William Faulkner. Philly 1981, was a time and place where a cop could be threatening to arrest you and checking out your legs — at the same time.


Employment for punks was scarce and I spent a lot of time drawing. I took a pen name, Luna Ticks, and named my comic strip The Young and The Frustrated: A Continuing Strip Tease. I distributing Xerox’s at punk shows. I gauged success by how many sheets littered the ground at the end of the show – many.

My housemates were a dwarf, a black woman, a gay Mexican American, and the son of a police chief, along with my husband. The cop’s son stole our rent money and we were evicted. At times like this there’s only one thing to do. We started a band.


In the punk sea of non-conformity we were the weirdos. Five color hair; a silver space suit; pink floral over-top polka dots. We had a big presence. We walked everywhere because we had no money, paying for a bus would have been an extravagance that would never have occurred to us. Our style was so new and so alienating, once a man jumped out of his car in the middle of an intersection and start beating on us. A reporter described my appearance as having “both a sense of atmosphere, the bizarre and an inexplicable range of covertness.”



Sk8 B-Lo I-95 [6 minutes]
Is skateboarding a crime? It shouldn’t be, but many local governments want to make it one. Was it a blessing or a curse for Philadelphians that the marble ledges, steps and layout of LOVE PARK was the perfect environment for skating ? Was the remotely located FDR Park skate park the solution?

We trace the history of the skateboard ban in internationally renown Love Park and the rise of FDR Skate Park, a park built by & for the skaters.

Shot on location in Love Park and FDR Skate Park – featuring interviews with skaters and action footage.

This video premiered at the X-GAMES Tube Fest.

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How to Talk Like Satan

Learn about the digital pitch shifter. An electronics device used by musicians to create a multitude of sounds, even Satanic voices.

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The Philadelphia Pranking Authority was founded in 2010, by Miss Fidget, and has marched in six Mummer’s Parades as a Comic Group. The Pranking Authority is comprised of friendly, independent, open minded, creative, do-ers, and fun-lovers who might be gay, straight, bi, trans, celibate and/or reproduce by budding. The PPA believes marching in the Mummer’s Parade should be low pressure, cheap, and easy FUN. Inclusive since it’s inception the PPA does requires members to wear a costume to march with them in the parade.

This year PPA members voted to elevate founding member Elizabeth Fiend to co-Captain along w/ Miss Fidget and to welcome the Giant J into their 2017 ‘CON-game” theme.

Like their ‘Mother Club’ Landi, (the Hufflepuff of Mummer Clubs) the Philadelphia Pranking Authority marches in the parade to have fun and connect positively with Philadelphians along Broad Street. New Year’s Day thousands of Delaware Valley people get off their butts and do silly, magnificent, and dumb things on Broad Street. The ability to support, steer, and shape the future of America’s longest running folk parade is a point of pride for the PPA, especially as the contemporary Mummer’s Parade overcomes challenges.

The loosely organized Philadelphia Pranking Authority have one mandatory meeting a year – New year’s Day. Although they don’t care about points the PPA has never been judged last in their group. Many costumed Philadelphians have marched in their first Mummer’s parade with the low pressure PPA whose membership is primarily from Steakland and points south.

“I used to think as a woman born outside of Philadelphia I’d never even be able to march in the parade, let alone be a Captain. Boy, was I wrong… I just needed to contact Landi! ” said Miss Fidget at a recent Mummer’s Sensitivity Training session held at a South Philly VFW and led by Helen Fitzpatrick.

In previous years PPA members voted a winter coat w/ a party hat and beads was not a costume. Previous Philadelphia Pranking Authority parade themes include: T-Party, Gods and Monsters, AS Seen on TV, Freak Show, Spaced Out, and more.

Register by November 18th to be in the 2017 parade

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J-Walk: The Mummers. On New Year’s Day celebrate the decriminalization of marijuana in Philly, the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania AND partizzle in the oldest folk parade in the US – The Mummers Parade. By strutting down Broad St. with an inflatable 51 ft. joint you’ll help spread the word that good people use marijuana for recreational and medical use, and have a BLAST as a Mummer! Our group, The Philadelphia Pranking Authority, part of the Comics Division, has marched in the parade for seven years. This year we’re opening it up FOR YOU TO JOIN.


Prepare: To be at the Parade by as early as 8AM; for cold weather; to stand around a lot; to hurry up and wait; to joyza!


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VaLerie and Elizabeth Fiend


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Hurricane the CaT

He was the star of TV and the Fiends house. A homage to HURRICANE the CaT!

Music “Hand in the Dumpster” by MoRE  FiENdS

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The All-Girls Clothes-Swap

Organize an afternoon with your girlfriends for some gossip, wine & trade away your old clothes. Not only do you pare down your wardrobe, but you get NEW clothes for FREE! It’s a good way to recycle manufactured goods.

Donate the clothes no one wants to a local women’s shelter.

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Bottlecap Necklaces

After this introduction to plastic clay, 
your friends will know you’re really cool 
when you show up wearing a 
Colt 45 bottlecap necklace.

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