EVENT: BiG TeA PaRtY video at PhillyCAM First Friday

An evening showcasing community, arts and culture programming  presented by the producers.

Sept. 3rd 5:30pm – 7:30pm,  232 Vine St., Painted Bride Arts Center, Philadelphia


To coincide with First Friday in Old City and the opening of the Fringe Festival performance “All Victorious Ocean” at the Painted Bride Arts Center, PhillyCAM presents a special two hour program of Community, Arts and Culture.

Featuring BiG TeA PaRtY’s

“SK8 B-Lo I-95”

Is skateboarding a crime?

It shouldn’t be, but many local governments want to make it one. Was it a blessing or a curse for Philadelphians that the marble ledges, steps and layout of LOVE PARK was the perfect environment for skating ? Was the remotely located FDR Park skate park the solution?
BiG TeA PaRtY traces the history of the skateboard ban in internationally renown Love Park and the rise of FDR Skate Park, a park built by and for the skaters. Shot on location in Love Park and FDR Skate Park – featuring interviews with skaters and action footage.

Watch the show on TV, on Comcast 66/966 and Verizon FIOS 29/30, or get out and about and see it live and meet the producers in person at the PhillyCAM studio 232 Vine Street.


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R2K+10: 10th Anniversary of the Philly RNC Protests & Legal Resistance

Saturday night features: BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living video
Unconventional Coverage: The Message and the Means.

This hour long video commentary filmed during the protests at the Republican National Convention was subpoenaed by the police and received the
Best Documentary Award at the Philadelphia Festival of Independents.



Friday July 30, 6pm at LAVA, 4134 Lancaster Ave. Free!

R2K Art Exhibit & Reception
Food/Drinks and Exhibit — Check out news clippings, photos, posters, flyers, artifacts, sound stations and video from the summer of 2000. R2K Legal will be on site with legal files for those arrested to reclaim.


Open Mic, Movie and Party
Saturday July 31, 6pm onward at the Puppet Warehouse, 4100 Haverford. Free!

6pm: Sharing stories from 2000 through an open mic hosted by Elizabeth Fiend // Screening of BiG TeA PaRtY’s documentary on R2K “Unconventional Coverage: The Message and the Means” // art and artifacts from the previous day’s exhibit // Food & Drinks //

9pm: Dance Party! Featuring R2K Legal veteran DJ Halfbreed.


This July 2010 marks 10 years since Philadelphia was the site of the 2000 Republican National Convention. The week of August 1, 2000, thousands of activists took to the streets of Center City Philadelphia for direct action against police brutality and the prison industrial complex. We were riding an exciting wave of mass direct actions against global capitalism following the previous November’s actions which shut down the meetings of the World Trade Organization in Seattle and large scale street actions against the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in DC. This summer, let’s celebrate our fighting spirit 10 years ago, and let’s celebrate our resilience in surviving R2K!


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BiG TeA PaRtY is back from our 2010 “Vegetable Awareness Campaign” at Playa Del Fuego. Check back next week for our report and photo essay. For now, take a look at last year’s event:


BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living at Playa del Fuego, Odessa Delaware — Spring 2009

Posted by Elizabeth Fiend


Enjoy some photos of our event, a tea party for 150 people featuring tea that BiG TeA PaRtY’s host Elizabeth Fiend made from herbs she grew in her garden.  Read some of the sustainable tips that BiG TeA PaRtY editor VaLerie K, BiG TeA PaRtY music/sound designer Allen Fiend, and fellow campers Susan and Chip promoted at our Sustainable Living Camp.


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Watch Unconventional Coverage on TV!
See our hour long commentary filmed in 2000 during the 
protests at the Republican National Convention.
on PhillyCam People Powered Media 
Comcast Cable 66 / 966HD / 967 
Verizon Fios 29 / 30
Time: Every Saturday in July at 7pm-8pm

Live streaming: 
Click here at 7-8pm, Saturdays in July, to watch in streamed on the internet

PLUS See the short videos we made daily during 
the convention randomly broadcast throughout July. 
Backstory of the Protests 
at the 2000 Republican National Convention:

“We were riding an exciting wave of mass direct actions against global capitalism following the previous November’s actions which shut down the meetings of the World Trade Organization in Seattle and large scale street actions against the International Monetary Fund and World Bank in DC. 

While activists from Philadelphia and afar were organizing to shut down the city in August 2000 and simultaneously helping with vast logistical needs for the multitude of other protests and actions that week in Philly, the Philadelphia Police Department (in tandem with the District Attorney’s office and judges) were planning repression on a scale we hadn’t anticipated.” more 

Unconventional Coverage: The Message and the Means 

This hour long commentary, was filmed during the protests that erupted when the Republicans first nominated George Bush for president at their national convention in Philadelphia in 2000.

The  award winning video is a blueprint for the modern protest movement. It outlines how and why protests happen. Plus it offers detailed information on the sorry state of health care in America, our problems with gun violence, our eroding rights to dissent and the many varied reasons people feel compelled to protest. Tips on how to organize a protest, jail solidarity and the importance of independent media are included alongside insightful and witty commentary. Says “The Chicago Tribune:” [Speaking of video host Elizabeth Fiend] “Her documentary on the demonstrations protesting the Republican Convention in Philadelphia was pretty much the only coverage I can remember that actually told you what the protestors were protesting.”
Winner Best Documentary, Festival of Independents, Philadelphia Film Festival (more)

Enjoy this clip! Watch more clips.

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EVENT: International Day of Climate Action. Posted by: Elizabeth Fiend


When:  October 24th, 2009, 1:00 PM
Where: Events held in multiple locations. In Philly– Independence Mall (5th St and Chestnut St.),for info about the event in your area check

This is an invitation to help build a movement.  To take one day and use it to stop the climate crisis.  350 is the last number you need to know, and the most important.  It’s the safety zone for planet earth. 350 parts per million is what many scientists, climate experts and progressive national governments are now saying is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.

In December of 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, delegates, businesses, and non-governmental organizations, from every nation will meet to finalize a new global climate change agreement.


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Catch some BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living videos at this weekend long cultural event.
Our 3-minute videos include the craft projects: How to make a Stamp Art Coat, Colt 45 bottlecap necklace and Fun Foto Albums.

  PLUS stuff like: the importance of a pap smear; what to do with your hair accessories; urban composting; tips on preparing the backyard for winter; the digital pitch shifter, an electronics device used by musicians to create a multitude of sounds; and how to avoid flat tires on your bike. All from our video Pico.

Sept. 25-27th, 4014 Walnut Street, West Philly
For more info The Rotunda
Posted by: Elizabeth Fiend
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Screening: “H2YO!” BiG TeA PaRtY’s 6 minute video about water conservation and water purity. Includes a funky craft project reusing plastic water bottles.

And “Aqueous” and “Siniya” two experimental shorts by BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living editor VaLerie K

Friday, August 14th, 7:30 till late
Studio 34 Yoga Healing Arts in West Philly (4522 Baltimore Ave)
Suggested $5 donation, b.y.o.b.

Part of: FILTHY, a group invitational multi-media exhibition produced by Plastic Fantastic.

Also featuring:

Joshua Marcus whose songs report on some current environmental and social injustices in this country and the amazing work that community action groups are doing to fight back;

The Great Unknown; and  DJ Ross of Love.

There’s even vegan cupcakes, and midnight yoga!

Hang out in the beautiful art  dome made of old plastic bottles created by Diedra Krieger.

More info

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 BiG TeA PaRtY’s CHEW ON THIS! screens outdoors this Friday!!


Street Movies! at Allens Lane Arts Center
Friday, August 7, 2009 – 8:30pm
ticket price:  $0 !!
Allens Lane & McCallum Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19119

A program of Scribe Video Center
In collaboration with Weavers Way Co-op

* Screening is Outdoors
* Indoors in the Allens Lane Art Center Auditorium in Case of Rain
* Emcee: Monica McIntyre

CHEW ON THIS! (15 minutes)  –  Full of Philly food facts and fun fur hats, plus a visit from one of America’s greatest thinkers (and eaters!) Benjamin Franklin. Host Elizabeth Fiend takes the outrageously informative quiz games Dicey Dinner and Tic Tac Tofu to an outdoor produce market and a cheese steak take-out to test contestants’ knowledge of nutrition and food. Between rounds she travels the city to find historical tidbits and local food innovations, ending up in her own kitchen where famous inventor Ben Franklin is impressed with Elizabeth’s own unique culinary invention!


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“BiG TeA PaRtY Sustainable Living” Movie Night

at the Wooden Shoe Bookstore

BiG TeA PaRtY bringing a rebellious sensibility to the masses

All of BiG TeA PaRtY’s political videos in one program! 

c_resize_Ellen_ef_salomon.jpg resize-allen-protest-contrast.jpg resize_ef_AND_2_KIDS.jpg

WHEN: Saturday, July 18, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
WHERE: People’s Movie Night @ Wooden Shoe Books, 508 S. 5th Street, Philadelphia

Featuring: Act Up Philly members and their direct action techniques; A look back at the 2000 Republican National Convention and the chaos on Philly’s streets; BioDiversity activists vs. Eagles Football fans; And yes, we do manage to sneak in a little bit about healthy eating (you’ve got to keep your strength up to fight the Man).

Plus Q&A with the producers Elizabeth Fiend and Valerie Keller

Wooden Shoe contact info: Phone: 215-413-0999  / Web:
 ~+~+~ PROGRAM ~+~+~

“Ending an Epidemic: Act Up, Fight Back” [6 min.]  ACT UP Philadelphia is a unique and special group that employs empowerment-based grassroots organizing, aggressive non-violent direct action tactics, and an analysis of the AIDS epidemic as a political crisis that can be solved. Meet some of the members of ACT UP Philadelphia and see them in action.

“Books without Borders” [3 min.]
Giant chain booksellers are killing the independent bookstore. An intimate look at a collectively run Anarchist bookstore, The Wooden Shoe, shows us that we must preserve these specialty stores or we run the risk of losing valuable alternative points of view.


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The Physics of “Green” and an Exploration of Sustainability

Six Week Workshop For Teens In Philadelphia’s Historic Italian Market

Instructors: Elizabeth Fiend and  Richard Hwang


Project 360 Spring Workshops For Home-schooling Teens and Youth Seeking Enrichment

April 20-May 29 (6 weeks)

Register today!  Call Sonia at 215/336-2418 to sign up or email her at for more information. Enrollment is limited to 10 youth per class.

The Physics of “Green” and an Exploration of Sustainability: Wednesdays 6:30-8 pm April 20- May 29 (six weeks)

This class will look at lifestyle issues of sustainability as well as “green” technologies such as wind turbines and solar energy. Two tag-teaming teachers will rotate weeks bringing a lively element to this investigation of how to become more sustainable.

Sustainable living refers to a lifestyle and set of choices that minimize a person’s ecological footprint. It is a lifestyle that pays attention to the symbiotic relationship between Earth and humanity with the ultimate goal of preserving the Earth’s natural ecology, its plants, animals and resources.

In this class you will learn ways to tweak your current life to become more sustainable. But to really achieve a sustainable future, we need science.  You will also learn about “green” technologies such as wind turbines, solar energy, and other elements of physics being used today in the new trend toward a sustainable future.

Each student will receive a free 30-minute VHS video, Green Tea Party, with tips on how to live a more environmentally friendly life, and make their own green shopping bag from recycled materials.

Materials are included in the cost of the class.


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