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About blue_snowbunny.jpg VaLerie KeLLer

VaLerie KeLLer has been editing films and videos since 1989, and creating her own delightfully oddball work for the past several years. Her experimental HD video short “Discarded” was in an exhibit called “Out of Frame: Motion Art From Mobius” at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the country’s oldest interdisciplinary art institution (very prestigious!) in Fall 2006. Writes Roberta Fallon of the Phila Weekly, “Valerie Keller’s Discarded is just beautiful. Like a slowly morphing slideshow of … weed-strewn parking lots and abandoned shopping carts [with] stories of miscommunication and missteps.

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VaLerie has had original work and editing work broadcast nationally, shown on cable tv & satellite networks, and screened in festivals around the world. Her editing career is studded with 2 Emmy nominations, and in 2008, her original short “Stepping On Upworld” was screened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in a showcase of work by instructors at Scribe Video Center called “Those Who Teach, Make“.  “Stepping” was also aired on WYBE-35 as part of the Philadelphia Stories festival in 2006. (All this apart from BiG TeA PaRty, which has a whole PAGE of accomplishments!)

There’s more of course, but you can find out all about her accomplishments on her blog. Right now you can know that she likes to sing to herself, wear knee-socks and cut up magazines to make collages. You can see some samples of collage work in her MySpace page blog entries. Valerie is also now has profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn, she is that savvy (or a sucker, you decide).

Valerie wishes she could do convincing fake accents but this is not among her natural talents. She can, however, wiggle her left ear. She would love to play croquet or bean bag toss, so anyone organizing a match should let her know.

Valerie likes to wear wigs and costumes:

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