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The following essay will be included in THE BOOK OF WEIRDO (a ridiculously number of years in the making) to be published in 2017 by Last Gasp. It includes the testimonials and recollections of a majority of the contributors to Robert Crumb‘s 1980’s/early ’90’s comics anthology, WEIRDO, as well as reprinting a number of stories. The three editors — R. Crumb, Peter Bagge, and Aline Kominsky-Crumb — are interviewed, also included are features on many different aspects of that important magazine, as well as a thorough and comprehensive history. – Jon B Cooke, author

What Makes Luna Tick? or How I got to Weirdo. 
By Elizabeth Fiend (the artist formerly known as Luna Ticks)

My first comic was three frames. A cop says “nice ass” to a punk. She kicks him in the groin; he says “I won’t be able to get it up for a week.” She reaches into her leather; pulls a gun; shoots him, remarking “You’ll never get it up again.” A few months later Mumia Abu-Jamal was arrested and charged with killing police officer William Faulkner. Philly 1981, was a time and place where a cop could be threatening to arrest you and checking out your legs — at the same time.


Employment for punks was scarce and I spent a lot of time drawing. I took a pen name, Luna Ticks, and named my comic strip The Young and The Frustrated: A Continuing Strip Tease. I distributing Xerox’s at punk shows. I gauged success by how many sheets littered the ground at the end of the show – many.

My housemates were a dwarf, a black woman, a gay Mexican American, and the son of a police chief, along with my husband. The cop’s son stole our rent money and we were evicted. At times like this there’s only one thing to do. We started a band.


In the punk sea of non-conformity we were the weirdos. Five color hair; a silver space suit; pink floral over-top polka dots. We had a big presence. We walked everywhere because we had no money, paying for a bus would have been an extravagance that would never have occurred to us. Our style was so new and so alienating, once a man jumped out of his car in the middle of an intersection and start beating on us. A reporter described my appearance as having “both a sense of atmosphere, the bizarre and an inexplicable range of covertness.”



How “The Tea Party” Ruined “Big Tea Party

or how Big Tea Party became SLAW.me

Big Tea Party was founded in 1998 as a 3-minute television show with the tag “cooking, crafts and anarchy.” Eco-punk Elizabeth Fiend was the writer/host; Valerie Keller, editor; Gretjen Clausing on camera; and music provided by More Fiends, the band founded by Elizabeth and her husband Allen Fiend.  Ef kids whole foods resize

Aired on a regular basis on DUTV, the program was an instant success. It charmed people with its quirky editing, and topics like how to make a Checkerboard Cakehow to prevent flats on your bike, even an episode titled How to Talk Like Satan. Ahead of its time, YouTube was not yet invented and it was years before the term sustainable living was known to the masses.

Big Tea Party.com founded in 2002 added to the mission with cool do-it-yourself tips, recipes, projects and articles written by Elizabeth Fiend. The website also compiled the top international sustainable living news.

Meanwhile a groovy parade of new videos continued, with special appearances on public television station WYBE, and nationally on satellite-TV via Free Speech TV.


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Independent media maker
A How-to Guru 
For Real People Trying To Survive In A Really Stupid World

Contact Elizabeth Fiend: slaw.me @gmail.com 
(Remove space and use a specific subject line)

Elizabeth Fiend is a gonzo community educator, activist and media maker. She’s appeared on NBC’s The Today Show, The X-Games Tube Fest, and The Food Network. Elizabeth is an educator, writer, filmmaker, artist, musician, labor union steward and executive board member, wedding officiant, celebrity judge, event host, motivational speaker, gourmet cook, nutritionist, recipe developer, gardener, photographer, food stylist, author. Her vegan recipe The Philly Cheese Fake appears in the book Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Philadelphia & the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. She’s an anarchist, punk rocker and Mummer.

Elizabeth received the School Award Medal for Youth from the American Legion when she was 12 years old. Those who receive the medal must exemplify qualities that define character: courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship and service. She holds to those qualities today.

Elizabeth Fiend sustainable living activist

[Video still from BiG TeA PaRtY’s Green Tea Party: It’s Elemental]

Elizabeth’s goal is to promote a sustainable living trinity – good health, environmentalism and community activism, a practical, rewarding lifestyle where ones actions won’t have a negative effect on future generations.

She currently specializes in film making, writing and motivational speaking and aspires to be an agent of social change who uses artistic expression combined with extensive research and reliable information to improve the health of individuals, the community and the planet. Currently she conceives, writes, produces and hosts how-to videos that encourage people to use their own imagination, skill and energy to advance not only their lives but the community around them and ultimately the planet. 



The FOOD NETWORK films an episode of weatherman Al Roker’s traveling-foodie show “Roker on the Road” in Elizabeth Fiend’s South Philly house.

Elizabeth presents her usual vision of craftiness and anarchy toward the right-minded ideal of healthy living and Al Roker makes strange comments.

“Philadelphia loves La Fiend”

Among other recipes, Elizabeth makes VEGAN COLESLAW, get the recipe here.

The making of “Roker on the Road” filmed in Elizabeth Fiend’s house.

Roker crew websize 106

roker road crew 106-0615_IMG

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Elizabeth Fiend

joins a line-up of cheese steak chefs on

NBC‘s “The Today Show.”

Al Roker tastes her vegetarian Cheese Fake and says Ah, yeah.”

Click here for a video of Elizabeth Fiend making her Vegetarian Cheese Fake.

Click here for Elizabeth Fiend’s recipe for her Vegetarian Cheese Fake.

Click here for a video to learn how to make wheat meat, the main ingredient in vegetarian/vegan cheese steaks.

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Val about Slaw 5-11 427-timestamp=1312133383949 EF About Slaw 5-11 452
ABOUT VALERIE KELLER — VALERIE KELLER has been editing films and videos since 1989, and creating her own delightfully oddball work for the past several years. She has had original work and editing work broadcast nationally, shown on cable tv & satellite networks, and screened in festivals around the world. Her experimental HD video short “Discarded” was in an exhibit called “Out of Frame: Motion Art From Mobius” at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Writes Roberta Fallon of the Phila Weekly, “Valerie Keller’s Discarded is just beautiful. Like a slowly morphing slideshow of … weed-strewn parking lots and abandoned shopping carts with stories of miscommunication and missteps.” Her editing career is studded with 2 Emmy nominations, and in 2008, her original short “Stepping On Upworld” was screened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in a showcase of work by instructors at Scribe Video Center. More info. ABOUT ELIZABETH FIEND GONZO HEALTH and ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST  ELIZABETH FIEND is an educator, filmmaker, author, musician and artist. She currently specializes in film making, writing and motivational speaking and aspires to be an agent of social change who uses artistic expression combined with extensive research and reliable information to improve the health of individuals, the community and the planet. Currently she conceives, writes, produces and hosts how-to videos that encourage people to use their own imagination, skill and energy to advance not only their lives but the community around them and ultimately the planet. Elizabeth’s goal is to promote a sustainable living trinity – good health, environmentalism and community activism, a practical, rewarding lifestyle where ones actions won’t have a negative effect on future generations. More info.

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About Gretjen Clausing

Member BiG TeA PaRtY 1998-2007

CSA Shoot pier shoot crop 009
Media arts programmer, activist, independent filmmaker and cultural worker. I’ve made my home in Philadelphia since 1989. During that time I have immersed myself in the local film scene through my work on film festivals and film exhibition. Since the fall of 2004 I’ve been working at Scribe Video Center as program director and producer of the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture Conference. From 1999 – 2004 I was the program director of Film at the Prince where I created a repertory film program with strong emphasis on work by emerging and established artists, music related media and programs soliciting audience engagement at the Prince Music Theater. From 1998 to 1999 I was the coordinator of the Philadelphia Independent/Film Video Association (PIFVA), a regional membership organization of Philadelphia-based media artists. And I have been a PIFVA board member for the past 4 years. Starting in 1989 she worked for 9 years at the Neighborhood Film/Video Project and Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema. And last but not least I am a founding member of the Philadelphia Community Access Coalition, a grassroots group that has been working since 1998 to get public access television activated in Philadelphia.
When I’m not watching new independent documentaries I am out in the garden. I fancy myself a bit of an urban naturalist. Love to look for nature in the cracks in the sidewalk. In my city backyard I have raccoons, possums and a praying mantis or two. A favorite passtime while riding the bus to work is spotting hawks.




Guest Editor, Camera Woman, all around BiG TeA PaRtY confidant!

Ellen Reynolds has worked in production for 15 years, as a digital video systems technical supervisor; a documentary producer, editor and videographer; and as a teacher of digital video to students from a wide range of backgrounds and age levels. She has just completed a 1/2 hr. documentary on pre-casino gambling culture in South Philadelphia and Atlantic City and is developing a second short on the cultural history of these two linked locales.

Ellen’s main focus is on developing work for, with, and about children, however, as an antidote to a highly corporatized children’s media landscape. Taste Buds! is a pilot she created for a children’s episodic series on nutrition and cultural diversity. A second project, The Lumiere Sisters engages girls with technology in an interactive program.

Ellen’s other interests include stop motion animation, puppet making, snooping around in old libraries. Contact Ellen to go surfing.





Music Man,



Allen Fiend is the creator of

BiG TeA PaRtY music and sound design.

Click  to see more of Mr. Fiend!

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SLAW me creates edge-u-cational media not just for home use, but also so other organizations can spread the word through grass-roots, DIY education.

Here are some of the organizations that have used our educational tools:

ACT UP, Philly, uses our video to fill the mini-TV screens on buses headed to political actions.
ACT UP, NY, used the same video as community outreach in Harlem. They chose our video because it shows how diverse people can work together.
Urban Nutrition Initiative, as an aid to their nutrition based curriculum in the West Philly public schools
UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, US Partnership, sustainable living outreach
Simon Gratz High School, Germantown, Phila., “The Many Dimensions of Health,” Health Fair
Free Library of Philadelphia, Public Screenings, Banned Book Week
Public Television member stations WYBE, WHYY, Broadcast
Triskeles Foundation, Youth Experiential Learning Program
The Philadelphia Tribune, Political activism
University of Pennsylvania, Environment Club
University of Alberta, Art as Activism Exhibit / screening
Berlin Activist Convention, Activism screening
Free Speech TV, Satellite TV broadcast
Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Cablecast
DUTV, Drexel University, Cablecast
Women in Transition, Healthy food
ADBusters, Gun Violence in America
The Wooden Shoe Book Store, an anarchist, collectively run bookstore

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SLAW me 

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Welcome to SLAW.me
DIY Sustainable Living
 Resource Center, Videos and Blog
  SLAW me is about a funky, elegant, healthy and ecological lifestyle.
Use our web site, videos, articles, recipes, projects and photos
to inspire your transformation to a happier, livelier existence.
Click to read our Mission.
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Information You Want, Information You Need:
We bring you the best in sustainable living world news
plus original content written by our own gonzo health and environmental activist
Elizabeth Fiend 
sustainable living guru, and award winning editor VaLerie K.

SLAW.me produces edge-u-cational videos for television, the classroom, home use and public screenings. We also write informational articles, develop delicious and healthy recipes, play in our gardens, take lots of still photos and create music!

Our primary focuses are having fun, good nutrition, health, the environment, sustainability and the DIY, ‘do it yourself’ philosophy which embraces the power of the individual.

Read the articles written by SLAW.me host Elizabeth Fiend, check out important stories in the news, look at our photos, listen to our music and watch our videos.

Support our cause, make a donation to SLAW me!


al-roker.thumbnail.jpg Roker on the Road TV shoot in Elizabeth Fiend’s kitchen. Says Al Roker “SLAW.me [ formerly Big Tea Party] host Elizabeth Fiend is a star in her home town of Philadelphia. She has her own cooking and lifestyle show called Big Tea Party. But it’s not like any tea party I’ve been to. Unless of course you count the Mad Hatter.” From “Roker on the Road” Food Network.
We have 28 videos for you to enjoy. Watch ‘em here. Buy them at our store. Watch us nationally on satellite television on the Dish Network as part of Free Speech TV and in Philly on WYBE, Public Television and DUTV, Drexel University
SLAW me dvd’s make great gifts!
No Butts About It is a hilarious look at our health habits. Use this video to stem the tide of obesity, diabetes and to quit smoking cigarettes.

Green Tea Party: It’s Elemental was created specifically for use in the classroom to teach school-age children how to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Great for the whole family to watch together or for kids to watch alone.
Unconventional Coverage: the Message & the Means was filmed at the 2000 Republican National Convention, the first time Bush was elected president! Winner: Best Documentary award, 2001, Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, Festival of Independents.
Sk8 B-Lo I-95 is BiG TeA PaRtY’s video on the Philadelphia diy skate-boarding scene. Filmed on location at world famous Love Park and FDR Skate Park. Screened as part of ESPN’s X-Games Tube Action Sports Film Festival.
Our video on gun violence was an International Finalist in Adbusters Creative ResistanceCampaign.

Is A Women Run Collective Producing Independent Media Since 1998
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SLAW me (formerly BiG TeA PaRtY) is the recipient of several grants including a WYBE, public television, production grants; Puffin Foundation grant for continued, progressive media education; The Leeway Foundation’s, Window of Opportunity Grant; Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Assoc.’s subsidy grant; GreensGrow Philadelphia Project grant for dedication to green lifestyles.

Become more sustainable.
Craft your life so it has less of a negative impact on future generations.

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