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Media arts programmer, activist, independent filmmaker and cultural worker. I’ve made my home in Philadelphia since 1989. During that time I have immersed myself in the local film scene through my work on film festivals and film exhibition. Since the fall of 2004 I’ve been working at Scribe Video Center as program director and producer of the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture Conference. From 1999 – 2004 I was the program director of Film at the Prince where I created a repertory film program with strong emphasis on work by emerging and established artists, music related media and programs soliciting audience engagement at the Prince Music Theater. From 1998 to 1999 I was the coordinator of the Philadelphia Independent/Film Video Association (PIFVA), a regional membership organization of Philadelphia-based media artists. And I have been a PIFVA board member for the past 4 years. Starting in 1989 she worked for 9 years at the Neighborhood Film/Video Project and Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema. And last but not least I am a founding member of the Philadelphia Community Access Coalition, a grassroots group that has been working since 1998 to get public access television activated in Philadelphia.
When I’m not watching new independent documentaries I am out in the garden. I fancy myself a bit of an urban naturalist. Love to look for nature in the cracks in the sidewalk. In my city backyard I have raccoons, possums and a praying mantis or two. A favorite passtime while riding the bus to work is spotting hawks.




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Ellen Reynolds has worked in production for 15 years, as a digital video systems technical supervisor; a documentary producer, editor and videographer; and as a teacher of digital video to students from a wide range of backgrounds and age levels. She has just completed a 1/2 hr. documentary on pre-casino gambling culture in South Philadelphia and Atlantic City and is developing a second short on the cultural history of these two linked locales.

Ellen’s main focus is on developing work for, with, and about children, however, as an antidote to a highly corporatized children’s media landscape. Taste Buds! is a pilot she created for a children’s episodic series on nutrition and cultural diversity. A second project, The Lumiere Sisters engages girls with technology in an interactive program.

Ellen’s other interests include stop motion animation, puppet making, snooping around in old libraries. Contact Ellen to go surfing.





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