EVENT: Allen and Elizabeth Fiend on the RADIO. Sunday, Jan.25th 12-1pm., : Tune to: 1650 AM

Please join actress and director Maria Moller of Shakespeare In the Park in this reinvention of NPR’s “This American Life.”
On Januray 25th Maria’s NEXUSradio’s guests will be Allen and Elizabeth Fiend of the legendary Philly punk band More Fiends.


 Allen Fiend –bass, guitar, vocals — is the founder of More Fiends, the only Philly band to have ever recorded a Peel Session for the BBC Radio. Elizabeth Fiend — slide guitar, vocals.

More Fiends provide the soundtrack for all of the BiG TeA PaRtY videos with Allen Fiend being the TV show’s sound engineer.

Hear More Fiends Songs, listen to the Fiends tell their stories:
~+~ The very beginning of punk in Philly, what the scene was like. How we came to be squatters.
~+~ More Fiends tour stories: what the squat / political / music scene (which we were part of) was like in Europe. ~+~ Stories about being on tour in Germany when the wall came down. What Poland was like while Lech Walesa was running for president. Plus: riots, fights, cops busting shows in Scandinavia.
~+~ The Scum-Rock scene in New York (which we were part of).
~+~ Elizabeth Fiend will describe what it was like to be a girl in a punk band. “No, I’m not the singer, I actually play an instrument…”
~+~ Readings of lyrics and stories about how they came to be written Plus, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC.
~+~ BiG TeA PaRtY, the song! Yes, it was a song before the TV show.

resize_c_mf_dusseldorf.jpg resize_c_mf_malmo.jpg

More Fiends freebase an explosive mixture of hardcore and no wave–the two primal movements that’ve done so much to shape the course of the U.S. underground this generation–with a healthy appetite for the bizarre. A garishly cluttered wall of sound, More Fiends seem like the soundtrack of a street battle being waged in a phone box. We’re talking overcrowded here and there’s one helluva lot of debris floating around in this mix. Raw shreds of post no wave fallout rub shoulders with the off the beaten track eccentricities of Euro-American punk. Colourfully eccentric in the extreme and fatally shaped by their urban environment, More Fiends are by turns hilariously intense and crazily off the wall. — SOUNDS magazine, London England

ABOUT NEXUS RADIO: NEXUS/foundation for today’s art has transformed its gallery space into a low powered radio station for two months in December 2008 and January 2009. NEXUS has invited artists, musicians, performers, djs, activists, poets, scholars, local community groups and other members of the public to use the radio broadcast during gallery hours, Wednesday through Sunday 12 to 6 PM. The broadcast can be heard at 1650 AM.
NEXUSradio is a celebration of radio’s legacy, the evolution of communication technology, and a reaction to the current state of commercial media. The exhibition explores highly intimate auditory experiences, the radio signal’s idiosyncratic nature and radio’s own rich history through a two-month broadcast of participatory community based free-form radio. NEXUSradio is a platform for artists to investigate radio’s potential as a medium and art making space through live performance, transmission and direct interaction with audience members.

2 Responses to “Allen and Elizabeth Fiend on NexusRadio”

  1. ellen Says:

    Is it being podcast?? I missed the show, I hope it’s archived and accessible.

  2. Elizabeth Fiend Says:

    The sponsor, Nexus Gallery, decided not to do podcasts as they’re trying to make a point about the disappearing world of independent media in today’s corporate media climate.

    It was a very fun time, I’m sorry you missed it.

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