An explosion of vivid colours both in looks and personalities, More Fiends prove to be illuminating musically too. With superfuzz thrash, disoriented voodoo rhythm and gloriously camp vocal extremities, they have come up with one far out wild party. The powerful effect of the Fiends’ multi-ingredient homebrew is a drug free buzz for quality kitsch lovers everywhere.
—- SOUNDS magazine, London


More Fiends freebase an explosive mixture of hardcore and no wave–the two primal movements that’ve done so much to shape the course of the U.S. underground this generation–with a healthy appetite for the bizarre. A garishly cluttered wall of sound, More Fiends seem like the soundtrack of a street battle being waged in a phone box. We’re talking overcrowded here and there’s one helluva lot of debris floating around in this mix. Raw shreds of post no wave fallout rub shoulders with the off the beaten track eccentricities of Euro-American punk. Colourfully eccentric in the extreme and fatally shaped by their urban environment, More Fiends are by turns hilariously intense and crazily off the wall. — SOUNDS magazine, London England



‘SECT OF THE ANTI-HUMAN’ 7 inch–Smacked Ass Entertainment
‘LEGENDS OF PHILLY PUNK’ 7 inch compilation ep–Carbon 14 Magazine
‘SCRAPPLE’ boxed set of 7 inches–WKDU compilation
‘TOAD LICKIN’ lp–US edition: Peel Session and Southern Studio trax
–Rave Records
cd–European edition: extra trax recorded in Hamburg
‘LUST’ 7 inch–Rave Records
‘LIFE’S TOUGH FOR THE STUPID’ double 7 inch–Rave Records
‘YO ASPHALT HEAD’ lp–US edition: Rave Records
cd–European edition: Semaphore
‘WHAT HAVE YA BROUGHT ME NOW?’ 7 inch–Rotten House Records


More Fiends have toured America and Europe extensively. They have performed at the NEW MUSIC SEMINAR, New York City; the BERLIN INDEPENDENCE DAYS FESTIVAL, Germany; the INTERNATIONAL ANARCHIST FESTIVAL, San Francisco and have recorded a PEEL SESSION for the BBC radio, England.


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