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DUTV’s special broadcast to coincide with RNC 2008, Phila PA (Sept 2008)

Minneapolis TV Network’s Unconvention programming for RNC 2008, Minneapolis,    MN (Sept 2008)

DUTV’s special broadcast lead-up to DNC & RNC 2008, Phila PA (July 2008)

Nationally on Free Speech TV thru THE DISH Satellite Network (ongoing since 2003)

WYBE, PBS member station, Philadelphia Stories series (2006, 2001-2003)

DUTV, Weekly on cable-access educational TV, Phila, PA (ongoing since 1998)

NBC’s The Today Show, National broadcast (2006)

Manhattan Neighborhood Network, New York City (2004)

Food Network’s Roker On the Road, national cable TV (2003-2004)

National Public Radio [NPR] interview promoting vegetarian holiday meals, national broadcast (2004)

WYBE, PBS member station, Through the Lens series, Philadelphia PA (1999-2004)

WHYY Public Radio, interview promoting women in the arts, Philadelphia PA (2003)

WLVT Lehigh Valley PBS station, Lehigh Valley, PA (2003)

WHYY, PBS station, Best of Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, Phila, PA (2002)

WHYY, PBS station, Festival of Independents Award Winners, Philadelphia PA (2001)

Free Speech TV’s Crashing the Party, nightly live national satellite broadcast during the Republican  National Convention (2000)

WHYY, PBS station, Independent Images series, Philadelphia PA (1998)


+  WYBE, Philadelphia Stories, PBS member station, Production Grant, Phila PA (2006, 2001-2003)
+  Leeway Foundation, Window of Opportunity Grant, Philadelphia PA (2004)
+  ADBUSTERS, Creative Resistance Video Contest, International Finalist, Vancouver, Canada (2003)
+  Philadelphia Film & Video Association, Subsidy Grant, Philadelphia PA (2003)
+  GreensGrow Philadelphia Project, Grant for dedication to green lifestyles, Phila PA (2003)
+  Festival of World Cinema – Festival of Independents, Best Documentary Award, Phila PA (2001)
+  Puffin Foundation, Grant for continuing service to the community, Teaneck NJ (2000)
+  EVEO, Winner streaming internet contest, Internet/online (2000)


+  Philadelphia Independent Film & Video Association: Politics As Usual, Projects Gallery, Phila, PA (Oct 2008)
+  GreenFest Philly’s Eco-Film Forum, Phila PA (Sept 2008)
+  Drexel University Design & Merchandising’s Style Tribes v6.0, included in student project (June 2008)
+  Squeaky Wheel‘s Philadelphia artist showcase, Buffalo Media Arts Center, Buffalo NY (April 2008)
+  Media Arts Council’s Home Grown Film Festival, Media PA (Feb 2008)
+  Nexus curated exhibit “Yummy” about food and art included BiG TeA PaRtY videos, and BiG TeA PaRtY’s “Sugarhouse Casino”, a game to make your own cake by gambling for ingredients (Jan 2008)
+  Termite TV‘s Water themed screening, Philadelphia Water Works, Phila PA (2007)
+  Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema: Festival of Independents, Phila PA (2007, 2004, 2000-2002)
+  Philadelphia Stories Premiere Party, Prince Theater, Philadelphia PA (2006)
+  Dallas Video Festival, curated video festival, Dallas TX (2001-2003, 2006)
+  D.I.Y YarrisWorks Roadshow, Soy Yogurt Workshop, Philadelphia PA (2006)
+  Scribe Video Street Movies, Philadelphia PA (2002-2006)
+  Women in Transition, annual dinner and fundraiser, Philadelphia PA (2004)
+  West Chester Film Festival, screening, West Chester PA (2004)
+  Free Library of Philadelphia, invitational reading, Banned Book Week, Phila PA (2004)
+  Pennsylvania Education and Technology Expo, invitation to present/screen video, Hershey PA (2004)
+  Molly’s Book Store, reading, Philadelphia PA (2004)
+  Media Film Festival, Media PA (2004)
+  Act Up New York, organizational recruitment meeting, Harlem NY (2003)
+  Free Library of Philadelphia, screening and lecture, Phila PA (2003)
+  Digital Divas, panel discussion and screening, Philadelphia PA (2003)
+  Strawbridge’s Department Stores, cooking demonstration/lecture, Gallery at Market East;
King of Prussia Plaza; Willow Grove Park; Springfield Park, PA (2003)
+  Philadelphia Fringe Festival, live reenactment of Chew on This!, Phila PA (2002)
+  University of Alberta Activism as Art, curated exhibit, Alberta, Canada (2002)
+  University of Pennsylvania Environmental Club, screening, Phila PA (2003)
+  Cut and Paste Film Festival, Madison WI (2003)
+  Skate or Die Festival, skateboard lifestyle festival, Iowa City IA, (2002)
+  WYBE’s Thru the Lens Premiere Party, Prince Theater, Phila PA (2002)
+  Berlin Activist Convention, political action convention, Berlin, Germany (2002)
+  ESPN’s Tube Action Sports Festival, curated, in conjunction with the X Games, Phila PA (2001)
+  Lost Film Festival, curated progressive independent film and video festival, Phila PA (2001-2004)
+  Break the Media Blackout, independent media conference, Philadelphia PA (2002)
+  A-Space Collective, marathon screening, Philadelphia PA (2001-2002)
+  Painted Bride Arts Center, premier of Unconventional Coverage, Phila PA (2000)
+  Painted Bride Arts Center, benefit for R2K legal defense fund, Phila PA (2000)
+  Best of Unquote TV, Painted Bride Arts Center, Philadelphia PA (2000)
+  Institute of Contemporary Art, curated video exhibit, Philadelphia PA (1999)
+  Vancouver Film Festival, curated film and video festival, Vancouver, Canada (1999)
+  Berkley Bike Coalition Film Festival, California Bike-Network Conference, Berkley CA (1998)
+  9th Annual Women’s Film Festival, Community Education Center, Phila PA (1998)


+  Philadelphia City Paper, feature article, various/multi, Phila PA (2006, 1998-2004)
+  TV Guide, listings, (2006, 2002-2004)
+  National Geographic’s Travelers Magazine, interview, Washington DC (2005)
+  Lonely Planet Travel Guide to Philadelphia, feature, San Francisco CA (2004)
+  Philadelphia Inquirer, feature article, various/multi, Phila PA (2000, 2002, 2004)
+  Independent Media Center, Internet/online, (2004)
+  Philadelphia Daily News, various/multi, Philadelphia PA (2001-2004)
+  Crosscurrents, Drexel University Press, article/multi, (2000-2004)
+  Inside New Kensington, preview, Philadelphia PA 2004)
+  Ritz Film Bill, preview/multi, Philadelphia PA (2001-2004)
+  Grow Magazine, article, Philadelphia PA (2004)
+  Philadelphia Arts Writers Magazine, feature article, Phila PA (2004)
+  Fox Review, feature article, Philadelphia PA (2004)
+  The Metro, Phila PA (2003-2004)
+  Chicago Tribune, feature article, Chicago IL (2002)
+  Mix Magazine, feature article, Toronto, Canada (2002)
+  Alternative Press Review, video review, Arlington VA (2002)
+  Carbon 14, feature article, Philadelphia PA (2002)
+  Amarillo Globe, feature article, Amarillo TX (2002)
+  The Morgan Town Post, feature article, Morgantown WV (2002)
+  Roanoke Times, feature article, Roanoke VA (2002)
+  The State, feature article, KY (2002)
+  Fort Wayne News, feature article, Fort Wayne TX (2002)
+  Saint Lewis Today, feature article, St. Lewis KS (2002)
+  The Pennsylvania Current, feature article, University of Pennsylvania Press, Phila PA (2001-2002)
+  South Philly Review, feature article, Philadelphia PA (2001)
+  Applause Magazine, review, Philadelphia PA (2000)
+  Connections Magazine, review, Philadelphia PA (2000)


+  US Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, United Nations Decade (2005-2014). USPDESD’s vision is to make sustainable development fully integrated into education and learning in the United States. (2006)
+  The Urban Nutrition Initiative (UNI) involves children in a school-based community health curriculum that strives to improve nutritional status and promote active learning. UNI is a program based out of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Community Partnerships (CCP) a vehicle for enlisting the broad range of knowledge of the research university and the engagement of students, faculty, and neighbors in implementing communal efforts to address the complex, comprehensive, and interconnected problems of the American city. (2003)


+  National Film Network, holds license for distribution rights to “Unconventional Coverage: The Message and The Means”; “Ending an Epidemic: Act UP, Fight Back” ; to stream


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