Valerie Keller = Editor

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VALERIE KELLER has been editing films and videos since 1989, and creating her own delightfully oddball work for the past several years. She has had original work and editing work broadcast nationally, shown on cable tv & satellite networks, and screened in festivals around the world. Her experimental HD video short “Discarded” was in an exhibit called “Out of Frame: Motion Art From Mobius” at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Writes Roberta Fallon of the Phila Weekly, “Valerie Keller’s Discarded is just beautiful. Like a slowly morphing slideshow of … weed-strewn parking lots and abandoned shopping carts with stories of miscommunication and missteps.” Her editing career is studded with 2 Emmy nominations, and in 2008, her original short “Stepping On Upworld” was screened at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in a showcase of work by instructors at Scribe Video Center.


Elizabeth Fiend = Writer, Host

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Elizabeth Fiend is an educator, filmmaker, author, musician and artist. She currently specializes in film making, writing and motivational speaking and aspires to be an agent of social change who uses artistic expression combined with extensive research and reliable information to improve the health of individuals, the community and the planet. Currently she conceives, writes, produces and hosts how-to videos that encourage people to use their own imagination, skill and energy to advance not only their lives but the community around them and ultimately the planet. Elizabeth’s goal is to promote a sustainable living trinity – good health, environmentalism and community activism, a practical, rewarding lifestyle where ones actions won’t have a negative effect on future generations.


 SLAW produces edge-u-cational videos for television, the classroom, home use and public screenings. We also write informational articles, develop delicious and healthy recipes, play in our gardens, take lots of still photos and create music!
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Our primary focuses are having fun, good nutrition, health, the environment, sustainability and the DIY, ‘do it yourself’ philosophy which embraces the power of the individual. We use digital media, the written word and public events to share ideas for leading a creative, low-impact, low-cost, politically engaged lifestyle. We embrace the DIY ‘do it yourself’ philosophy which emphasizes the power of the individual.

We are the recipient of several grants including a WYBE, public television, production grants; Puffin Foundation grant for continued, progressive media education; The Leeway Foundation’s, Window of Opportunity Grant; Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Assoc.’s subsidy grant; GreensGrow Philadelphia Project grant for dedication to green lifestyles.

A Women Run Collective Producing Independent Media Since 1998!


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