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  SLAW me is about a funky, elegant, healthy and ecological lifestyle.
Use our web site, videos, articles, recipes, projects and photos
to inspire your transformation to a happier, livelier existence.
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Information You Want, Information You Need:
We bring you the best in sustainable living world news
plus original content written by our own gonzo health and environmental activist
Elizabeth Fiend 
sustainable living guru, and award winning editor VaLerie K.

SLAW.me produces edge-u-cational videos for television, the classroom, home use and public screenings. We also write informational articles, develop delicious and healthy recipes, play in our gardens, take lots of still photos and create music!

Our primary focuses are having fun, good nutrition, health, the environment, sustainability and the DIY, ‘do it yourself’ philosophy which embraces the power of the individual.

Read the articles written by SLAW.me host Elizabeth Fiend, check out important stories in the news, look at our photos, listen to our music and watch our videos.

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al-roker.thumbnail.jpg Roker on the Road TV shoot in Elizabeth Fiend’s kitchen. Says Al Roker “SLAW.me [ formerly Big Tea Party] host Elizabeth Fiend is a star in her home town of Philadelphia. She has her own cooking and lifestyle show called Big Tea Party. But it’s not like any tea party I’ve been to. Unless of course you count the Mad Hatter.” From “Roker on the Road” Food Network.
We have 28 videos for you to enjoy. Watch ‘em here. Buy them at our store. Watch us nationally on satellite television on the Dish Network as part of Free Speech TV and in Philly on WYBE, Public Television and DUTV, Drexel University
SLAW me dvd’s make great gifts!
No Butts About It is a hilarious look at our health habits. Use this video to stem the tide of obesity, diabetes and to quit smoking cigarettes.

Green Tea Party: It’s Elemental was created specifically for use in the classroom to teach school-age children how to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Great for the whole family to watch together or for kids to watch alone.
Unconventional Coverage: the Message & the Means was filmed at the 2000 Republican National Convention, the first time Bush was elected president! Winner: Best Documentary award, 2001, Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, Festival of Independents.
Sk8 B-Lo I-95 is BiG TeA PaRtY’s video on the Philadelphia diy skate-boarding scene. Filmed on location at world famous Love Park and FDR Skate Park. Screened as part of ESPN’s X-Games Tube Action Sports Film Festival.
Our video on gun violence was an International Finalist in Adbusters Creative ResistanceCampaign.

Is A Women Run Collective Producing Independent Media Since 1998
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SLAW me (formerly BiG TeA PaRtY) is the recipient of several grants including a WYBE, public television, production grants; Puffin Foundation grant for continued, progressive media education; The Leeway Foundation’s, Window of Opportunity Grant; Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Assoc.’s subsidy grant; GreensGrow Philadelphia Project grant for dedication to green lifestyles.

Become more sustainable.
Craft your life so it has less of a negative impact on future generations.

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