IT’S COOKING, CRAFTS & ANARCHY! (formerly Big Tea Party)

Created & Produced by

Elizabeth Fiend, Valerie Keller

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Big Tea Party presents a unique perspective on life at a time when the world is embarking on an era of great social, political and technological change. In a period where corporate media dominates America’s info-hungry culture, this created-for-broadcast TV series adds a bizarre bit of spice to the Educational TV mix. Viewers will walk the tight rope between an exercise in conscientious urban living and a celebration of the absurd. Filmed in host Elizabeth Fiend’s real home, on a real street and in other genuine locations, she offers the viewer a reliable panorama of unconventional ideas for leading a creative, low-impact, low-cost lifestyle. You’ll learn how to turn your values into actuality with episodes dealing with topics as diverse as composting, recycling / reusing mass-produced goods; delicious and healthful vegetarian meals; women’s health; water purity / conservation; alternative transportation / bike repair. Don’t be misled by the colorful clothes, wacky editing styles and graphics jumping off the screen, this show IS politics in action. As a multifaceted lifestyle program, Big Tea Party guides the viewer toward a stand against corporate and individual greed in a down-home and hilarious way.


Since its debut in January 1998, (formerly BiG TeA PaRtY) has produced 26 videos. 20 episodes are part of the hit TV series which regularly airs on DUTV, cable TV. Their 6 documentaries and mini-documentaries have been aired as part of Public Television WYBE’s “Thru the Lens” and “Philadelphia Stories” series and aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYC. Both the TV series and documentaries are broadcast nationally on satellite television on the Dish Network as part of Free Speech TV (FSTV). (formerly BiG TeA PaRtY) is also the recipient of several grants including a Puffin Foundation grant for continued, progressive, media education; The Leeway Foundation, Window of Opportunity Grant; Philadelphia Video & Filmmakers Assoc. subsidy grant; and the GreensGrow Philadelphia Project grant for dedication to green lifestyles.

“Unconventional Coverage: the Message & the Means,” their hour long commentary on the protests at the 2000 Republican National Convention, won the “Best Documentary” award at the 2001 Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, Festival of Independents. BiG TeA PaRtY’s episode on the ‘do-it-yourself’ skate-boarding scene, “Sk8 B-Lo I-95” was screened as part of ESPN’s X-Games Tube Action Sports Film Festival. Their video on gun violence was an International Finalist in Adbusters Creative Resistance Campaign.

“Green Tea Party: It’s Elemental,” 30-minutes, was created specifically for use in the classroom to teach school age children how to life a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. (formerly BiG TeA PaRtY) has formed a partnership with The Urban Nutrition Initiative a school-based community non-profit that strives to improve nutritional status and promote active learning.

“No Butts About It,” 12 minutes, create for use in the classroom or as fun for the whole family to watch. This hilarious health video offers gentle encouragement to eat better and not smoke cigarettes. Use this inspiring DVD to help stem the tide of obesity, combat the diabetes epidemic, discourage cigarette smoking, and lead a more sustainable life.


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