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Three videos on one VHS (DVD to come soon). Featuring:

SK8 B-Lo I-95 [6 minutes]



Is skateboarding a crime?

It shouldn’t be, but many local governments want to make it one. Was it a blessing or a curse for Philadelphians that the marble ledges, steps and layout of LOVE PARK was the perfect environment for skating ? Was the remotely located FDR Park skate park the solution?
BiG TeA PaRtY traces the history of the skateboard ban in internationally renown Love Park and the rise of FDR Skate Park, a park built by & for the skaters. Shot on location in Love Park and FDR Skate Park – featuring interviews with skaters and action footage.



ACT UP, FIGHT BACK![6 minutes]

The 20th anniversary of the first documented AIDS case in the United States seemed like the ideal time to look at the history and successes of ACT UP Philadelphia, the largest ACT UP group in the country with over 100 active members. ACT UP Philadelphia is a unique and special group that stands almost alone in its use of empowerment-based grassroots organizing, aggressive non-violent direct action tactics, and its analysis of the AIDS epidemic as a political crisis that can be solved. Meet some of the members of ACT UP Philadelphia and see them in action.



CHEW ON THIS![15 minutes]

Chew On This! is full of Philly food facts and fun fur hats, plus a visit from one of America’s greatest thinkers (and eaters) Benjamin Franklin. Part game show, part food show and all parts fun, this episode is a feast of eye candy and an earful of information.
BiG TeA PaRtY creates their own quiz show by playing the games Dicey Dinner and Tic Tac Tofu in which host Elizabeth Fiend tests contestants’ knowledge of nutrition and food. Yes, there’s jumping up & down, there are hugs and an audience screaming out encouragement. But there are also velvet-lined pizza boxes, fuzzy dice thrown from a KFC bucket and a game board of cartoon food held by men with green hair. This show is bound to amuse as well as inform you about the value of a vegetarian diet, what color foods have the most antioxidants and much, much more. Even special guest Ben Franklin learns a thing or two from Elizabeth while he charms her into making him a sandwich – a sandwich on a soft pretzel!

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